Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Checking In

After a really nice week off, I'm back at the daily grind now. I am enjoying the time with my students though. As of tomorrow there are just nine weeks of school left! This year is flying by. Next year is sure to bring changes, perhaps in grade level (Lord, I hope not!), but most definitely in class size. So, I'm determined to enjoy the luxury of 20 to 1 while I have it.

It has been really hard to get up early again this week. I wish the sun would shine before my alarm goes off. That would really help. It just seems unnatural to get up before the sun does. I've been doing it for 13 years, but I can never get used to it.

So last week I walked 19 miles total, and did two yoga sessions. The scale showed that I was down 1.5 pounds from the beginning of the week - not a bad start. We only had time (and energy!) to walk two miles last night, and we will probably do that again tonight. But we'll try and get back to our three-mile walks starting tomorrow. Michael has been working until 6 pm, and that limits the time we have for an evening walk, not to mention the amount of steam we both have left that time of day.

Tomorrow is Tax Day. Ugh! We owed more to the feds than we expected to this year, but we're getting a nice chunk back from the state (our very broke state), so that will offset it a bit. I wish I could attend one of those Tea Party rallies tomorrow, but I'll be educating America's youth instead. I'll be there in spirit! I'd like to protest the 9.25% sales tax in my county - up 1% since April 1, 2009. Whenever possible, I drive across the county line and make my purchases in Orange County (less than a ten minute drive) where the sales tax is .5% less. It can make a difference when you're doing a Costco or Target run, or filling up the gas tank.

Have a good one!


Shannon said...

Way to go on the exercise and general healthy attitude. I'll try and follow your lead-I've run out of "steam" as well by the end of the day! Counting down to the end of school as well...the getting up part does seem to be the worst part! =)

Kathryn said...

You must not live too far from us. (San Bernardino County). I've a friend who teaches in Orange (City of).

We don't like the tax increase, either. I thought the tax protest this year was mailing tea bags?

Did Cottonwood get to build their new church? When i moved from OC they were still fighting about it.

Hope as this week progresses you'll be able to get more adjusted to getting up early again.

Michelle said...

I have to tell you that reading your status updates on FB has motivated me to get moving too. I've been walking on my lunch break and Joe and I have been walking in the evenings(when he's awake-lol). So thanks for the motivation!

mekate said...

Congratulations on being so active! It is so hard to fit into such busy days. I just wanted to say I am thinking of you. warmly, Kate