Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Stressed

Venting ahead...

I did get called into the principal's office this morning. Told you I would! She told me about her conversation with Upset Mom last Friday. Apparently, Upset Mom had to go and make it somewhat personal about me and the way I run my classroom. She complained that I don't do what the other third grade teachers do (DO SO!), and that I'm not teaching writing. I do indeed teach writing, but I don't send home final copies. I keep those for their end-of-the-year portfolios. I do send home their rough drafts with all my red editing marks on them. Guess she hasn't noticed those.

What really bugs me is how I find myself in a position to have to defend myself and my teaching practices because Upset Mom is miffed that her child didn't make the "coveted" program.

When she came in today to volunteer during math time, we were cold toward one another. And, when she was done helping the four sweet kids she usually works with, I sent a bit of a stinker over to her. Payback!

Another thing that's got me stressed out at work is that I'm being asked to take some other students from a combination class for math starting next week. I don't mind taking them at all, but due to other teachers' schedules, I'm supposed to start math twenty five minutes later than I usually do. Doing so would reduce math to only 30 or 40 minutes depending on our staggered lunch schedule. Currently, I spend 60 minutes on math most days. I am not willing to shorten my math block, so those other students will have to come in mid-stream and I will do my best to get them going.

Combination classes stink for everybody!

Our freezer is on the fritz. We noticed that water was leaking from the ice dispenser last night. Sears is coming out tomorrow to fix it. We have to throw all the frozen food out - some of which we just purchased yesterday (including a yummy apple tart thing from Trader Joe's that I could really go for right now). I don't even want to know how much that repair will cost us.

Lastly, I have had practically perfect credit forever, but my student loans are jeopardizing that. I keep sending them checks via my credit union's automatic bill payment system (and have done so for years), and they cash them, but since August of last year they don't routinely credit them to my account. I have talked to a customer service representative several times, faxed them copies of the cancelled checks, filed a dispute with Transunion, but still there is a ding on my credit report and they want late fees. Every time I call them, I have to wait on hold for about 15 minutes before a human being answers the phone, and they are in a different time zone so it's hard to reach them when I'm not working. If it doesn't get resolved this week, I may contact a lawyer. I'm sick of it!!! Anyone have any advice for this one?

Hopefully all these stressors will be behind me before we begin our IVF protocol in a couple of weeks. Right now I'm just keyed up about all this, and I don't like it.


AprilMay said...

You poor thing! When it rains, it pours! Parents like that one are never happy. I would bet you a thousand dollars that she made a similar complaint against last year's teacher. Let's see ...that's three things, so you've used up all your bad luck! ;) Only good things coming your way now!

Michelle said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your use of the Teacher Justice System! Every P.I.T.A parent needs to spend 20 minutes with someone else's P.I.T.A. child once in a while. Maybe then they'll develop some sense of appreciation for the patience required on a daily basis of all teachers.

I tried not to abuse "the System" too frequently when I was in the classroom, but when I did it felt goooood ;-)

Hope things turn around soon.

Oh, cheesy maybe, but have you considered contacting one of the consumer advocates that works for a local news program? Maybe if you used the angle that, in today's economy, safeguarding one's FICO is key, and a business is jeopardizing yours with their unprofessional practices. Also, I assume you belong to the same credit union as me...they may have a legal department that could work with you to resolve this as well. Just a thought. Good luck!

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I feel incredibly sorry for the little girl. Clearly her mom needs for her to be "perfect". How sad that she is a very bright child but it is not good enough.

I must be an odd parent, I love it when I get the "challenging" children when I go to volunteer. I love the challenge and love that they (usually) respond to me. Better yet I love watching it as they mature over the years.

No advice on the student loan situation. GOOD LUCK.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK this Mom is cracking me up. She sounds like a real princess. Get a grip already. You sound like you have the patience of a saint.
Your freezer and mine must be related. My is duct taped shut (HA - I just wrote the other sh-t word on accident!!! IRONIC!) and has stalagmites and 'tites of ice everywhere. What a piece of junk. Thankfully I have a basement freezer for all my mass baked and cooked stuff. You must do whatever it takes to save the apple tart!!! Sounds like you need it!
Hmmm, as far as the loans you could go to and ask them what they think- I always hear him answer creditunion/student loan questiosn. Apparently I don't absorb what I hear.

OH MY #6 said...

send that nasty mom my way!


Kayce said...

I'm sorry about that mom. Remember, it's her NOT you that has something going on, she's just taking it out on you. Hurt people, hurt people. Continue to be the wonderful teacher that you are! Many hugs!

Anonymous said...

Teaching is one tough job - not only do you have a huge responsibility to teach our future, but you have to deal with their parents also! - Stephanie