Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Thanks for all your supportive comments on my last post. I lost sleep over the situation on Thursday night, and was stressed out at school yesterday. Never got a call from my principal about it, but a coworker said she saw the principal talking to the upset mom in her office yesterday. I hope they were able to resolve everything, but somehow I think I'll get dragged into it on Monday.

I just ordered some prenatal vitamins with DHA from this company. I've read on a couple of blogs recently that other women have had their doctors recommend DHA (fish oil) during preconception and IVF. I've also read about eating a diet high in protein and low in salt during IVF. Anyone done this before?

I've also been reading about all the different protocols that other women do for IVF. Lots of them involve birth control pills and Lupron. We're not doing any of that. I guess I need to do some more reading (or ask Dr. D some questions) to understand why our protocol is different. Maybe it has something to do with my advanced maternal age. Ugh! I hate that phrase.

We're still waiting on our loan to get final approval and to fund. Our appraisal was last Monday. It seems like this is taking a long time. If we don't get our loan funded by mid-February, we'll have to postpone the IVF again. Michael has a lot of work in March, so we'd probably postpone until April. Anyway, I'm going to call the credit union next week and get a status update.

Have a good weekend!


Anne Marie said...

Fingers crossed for the loan!

No advice re protein and salt, but yes, at least in my case I was told that the Lupron protocol is for younger women/those with lower FSH. So, bleh! I don't remember the details though.

Michelle said...

"Advanced Maternal Age"
Yeah, I hated hearing that one when I was pregnant with Connor. Especially in the hospital, in labor, with 22 year old nurses throwing that term around. I know it's medically correct terminology, but it's still kind of harsh. When they'd use the acronym "AMA" I'd just tell myself they meant "Awesome Mommy Approaching".

PIPO said...

Yeah, I avoid the AMA words myself. But, compared to the older term of 'geriatric pregnancy' it doesn't sound so rough. Ugh.

I recommend prenatals with DHA for every mama and pending mama.

Keeping you in my thoughts.

Michelle said...

I'll never forget the day I sat in my Gyn's office and the nurse left my chart sitting on the counter and I took a peek and there were two stickers stuck to the side of my chart

One was bright red and said INFERTILITY in capital letters.

The other was florescent pink and said

They make stickers that say these things!

I hate labels(pun intended).

I hope you get your loan funded soon.

Alex and Jill said...

One of my girlfriends told me that she took the prenatals with fish oil. She said they tasted weird, but that it's the best to take. I still just take the ones from the pharmacy. is taking a while for the loan. I'm still praying! I start my lupron injections on the 15th of feb. I start acupuncture next Wed, so I'll let you know how that goes. :)


OH MY #6 said...

extra hugs for you my friend.


Maredsous said...

From what I have read, BCPs are used for two purposes to quiet the ovaries and so that the doctors can determine exactly when you start the process. Originally, my RE said it will help set the ovaries to get more follicles, but I think he just said that because I was so mad that I had to wait three cycles because of clinic scheduling that had nothing to do with my readiness.

Lupron has two functions. In the agonist protocol it serves to shut down the pituitary, also quieting the ovaries. It also keeps LH levels from going up and causing natural ovulation. (obviously if you want to harvest as many eggs as possible natural ovulation could really throw a chink in the process) During the lupron flare, a much much smaller dose is used. What is know is that initially lupron causes and increase in fsh and estrogen levels, which at the beginning of a cycle is helpful "especially those of advanced maternal age" Also I think many believe that your body does more than just make these few hormones and that natural increases may serve many beneficial purposes (at the right time)

I think a cycle without BCP and high doses of lupron would be great for me. Hope you have success with it.

Fish oil certainly can't hurt. It is supposedly very healthy, though funky tasting.

Joannah said...

Maredsous - thank you for that explanation! You know so much.


Paula said...

Oh my gosh if you are ocnsidered advanced maternal age, I hate to think what they would classify me as...maybe "fuhget about it !!!"

Kim said...

RE: your students, I teach the low 1% of students (moderate to severe disabilities), so I don't have to deal with THAT type of disappointment with parents, but I was a gifted and talented kid. We took our ACTs our junior year because of a state program here in KY for high schoolers between their junior and senior years. Anyway. I scored a 27 on my first go, and it happened to be the highest score in the school out of that batch (not the highest ever, and I ended up bringing it up two points, but not any higher to get the scholarship I really wanted, but I digress). At any rate, the counselor called me in to tell me on the morning she got the scores back. I told my friends, so they went to get theirs. One of mine (who, as you mentioned, was a high achiever in school, and also had a 4.0 gpa and thought she was smarter than me...ironically we are not friends anymore) got a 17. She was SO MAD at me for telling her that I got my scores so she would go check hers. (Which obviously isn't why I told her - they asked!) And then when I got accepted into the summer program and she didn't, she was mad again.

I think bottom line is that some parents have trained their kids that they are the best, smartest, most well behaved children, and that nothing they do is wrong. And so when they don't get EVERYTHING THEY WANT, they quite literally don't know how to function in that world...especially when it is something like that, where you can't really manipulate the results.

But as a person who received good news...don't stop telling it! It's not fair to the good kids! :D

Have a great week!

Callie said...

Sorry you have to deal with the loan stuff. It's tough when you finally get to the place where you're ready to move forward and then outside factors get in the way of the timing. I will keep my fingers crossed that it comes through for you in time.