Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Onward and Upward!

So, after talking with our RE this afternoon we are moving on to IVF with ICSI. If you don't know what ICSI is, it's when they inject the sperm into the egg as the diagram above shows. This increases our chances about as much as they can be increased.

We expect to start when my new cycle begins in a couple of weeks. Dr. D. also highly recommended that I start acupuncture again as it's been shown to be effective with IVF. Dr. D. said that he expects to get about six eggs due to my ovarian reserve. I will miss three or four days of school post transfer while I'm on bed rest.

After our appointment, we went straight to the credit union to apply for a loan. I think we'll buy a lotto ticket this week, too. LOL!

Anyway, we are hopeful that this will be what it takes to achieve pregnancy. As always, I covet your prayers.

Oh, I almost forgot! Michael's biopsy went well. The technician said his numbers look good to him, and that his prostate is not enlarged. We will get official results next Wednesday. We are optimistic!


Kathy and Joel said...

Buckle up, my friend!!
The cool thing about IVF is that a lot of the control is given over to the docs, so it's less stressful in that respect.
Best of luck to you always!

PIPO said...

You two are in my thoughts and prayers.

Michelle said...

This is so exciting! I have a friend who got pregnant 3 times with ICSI, the second time with twins.

You will be in my prayers during this cycle especially.

Alex and Jill said...

I think we're adding a little ICSI into the mix, this next time, as well.

Praying, praying, praying... :)

So happy that things are looking good for Michael!


Mary and Skip said... are one brave woman! Best of luck to you from AZ! Love, Mary L

OH MY #6 said...

You got prayer galore.


Kayce said...

Lots of prayer going on here. Glad all went well with Michael. Hugs!

Swampgirl said...

Continuing to pray for both of you, but, I am really going to pray for the steady hands of your doctor!!!

Kristen said...

Well... all good things!!! So glad to hear that M's tests were good I was praying for that outcome.

And I'll be sending out the thoughts and prayers come this cycle... This sounds really good!!

Michele said...

Great news about Michael. Prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy being sent your way the the IVF is successful....and that you hit the lottery ;-)


Terri @ in His hands said...

Great news on Michael!
Lifting you up in prayer that IVF works! Glad you're doing acupuncture, will you be drinking that yucky tea as well? My offer of the giant tea pot is still good---you can pick it up anytime because my stepdaughter is living in our house there.

Jenny said...

Joannah!! I just figured out how to comment on your blog- sheesh! I have not been able to do it for so long! I have been praying for you and Michael. : )

Special K said...

Glad the results were good for your husband.

I have friends who just brought their boy/girl twins home a couple weeks ago after this successful procedure. I'm praying this is the answer for you, too.