Saturday, March 1, 2008

Paging Nurse Labrador

Well, it looks like I'll be nursing two Labradors this coming week.

If you'll remember, in late January we decided that we would treat our "male factor infertility" issue instead of continuing with more IUIs, or moving on to IVF now. It seems to have been the right decision because we have been able to get appointments with our primary care physician, Michael's urologist, and the interventional radiologist without any delays. In fact, when we were given appointments weeks and weeks in the future, something would always open up and we were seen within days. Thank you, Lord!

I just about lost it earlier this week when my dear husband decided he had cold feet and he expressed that he wasn't so sure about proceeding (he did that about three months before our wedding, too!). While I threw a temper tantrum (of which I am not proud), he went in to see the interventional radiologist, and after his appointment he felt good enough about everything to go through with the procedure. Whew!

As for Buffy, she is doing really well. She'll go in for another check-up on Monday, at which time she will most likely have her staples removed. I'm still keeping her sedated, but I only have enough pills left to last two or three days. Once she's sober, her recovery will be a whole other ballgame. She isn't going to like sleeping 22 hours a day in her crate then. She'll bark and make us crazy, I'm sure of that. But I can't very well keep her sedated for the entire 6-8 week recovery time. So, we'll have to cope.


Mob said...

It does seem as though that is the path God wants you to take. I'm glad Michael is back on board with the whole idea. I must admit, it would be a bit scary and I don't even know what the procedure is.
You've got a brave guy there!
Glad that buffy is healing up.

PIPO said...

All the best as you work through all this medical biz. I look forward to medical free and happy days ahead for you and yours :0)

Abby's Mom said...

Glad to hear things are going well! Fingers crossed for you :)

OH MY #6 said...

sometimes a temper tantrum is called for!


Alyson & Ford said...

My DH doesn't do well with tantrums or any type of "raising" my voice... have to use other tactics !!

LID 01/27/06

Kristin said...

Men are such babies!

2weeks2much said...

Glad that you're both on the same page!

wzgirl said...

It is hard while you're in it, but very soon this will be all behind you - as your 2 Labs will surely heal fast with all of your love. xo

Glinda said...

Fingers crossed for all things fertile ;)

P.S. I'm catching up on some of your posts and wanted to say that I am so impressed with how you articulate your position when dealing with errant are an inspiration; I hope all teachers have your passion; your ability to be calm, cool and collected is impressive.

Shannon said...

My Gracie had a rough time in the crate when she had her TPLO surgery. She HATED it and I tried to jump around more than if she had just snoozed on her bed. Horrible days those were! That sling is a crack up, isn't it? Hang in their L. family!

Shelley said...

I think I'd lose it too. Glad you prevailed on that one. Besides, relatively speaking, his is the "easy procedure." :)

Buffy, you hang in there girl.


Tori said...

Your husband is great but I am afraid I feel sadder for Buffy!!!! Kristin is are such babies. But that said, good on him for pressing on with his procedure. I too don't know what it is, but men are very protective, shall we say, about their tackle.

Kisses to the lovely dog... oh ok and Micheal!