Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Like Flo

Hey, if this teaching thing doesn't work out...

Well, we spent most of the day at the hospital. We had to check in by 6:30 am - I think Michael's was the first procedure of the day. I got to meet his interventional radiologist and was really impressed. Such a nice guy. Michael was only sedated for the procedure and they played jazz in the room for his enjoyment. Everything went really well and the patient is recovering nicely. In fact, he's got nothing more than a little bandage on his collar bone. Aside from feeling tired, he's himself. We just couldn't ask for a better experience. Now, let's hope it is effective. I'd like to get pregnant later this year. :-)

Thanks to all who have left encouraging comments for me and my labs. I appreciate your kindness and concern for us.

My other bit of news is that we bought a new mattress on Monday night. I am so excited!!! We have been sleeping on Michael's old mattress set and it is torturous. Well, at least I think so. He thinks it's just dandy. This is a man who can sleep anywhere, anytime. I think that mattress has been around since 1982 and isn't even fit for a rundown motel, let alone our bedroom. I wake up each morning feeling stiff and achy. It's just awful. Hard as a rock. I hate it!

So, we bought the same mattress as the one they have in all the Wes.tin hotels and Star*wood resorts. They call it the Bed, and I think it's aptly named. We spent a little more than our original budget, but I didn't want $300 bucks to keep me from a heavenly experience. No way! It will be delivered on Sunday, and in the meantime I think about it all the time, and I'm counting down the nights I have left to sleep on our crappy old mattress. Did I mention that I really hate that mattress?

Come on Sunday!!!


2weeks2much said...

I hope Michael is feeling ok. I was just thinking about calling you Florence Nightingale and then I saw your post! And you are right, the right mattress can be heavenly! Enjoy!

Karen said...

I just recently bought a whole new bed... mattress, box springs, and bed itself so I completely understand your excitement!! I was so excited I had to put a picture of the finished product on my site.... mainly because I did the whole thing myself, including maneuvering the queen size box springs and mattress from one room, around a very difficult corner, into my bedroom. Exhausting!

Kayce said...

Oh how you will LOVE that bed!!!! We got a new bed a few months ago and let me tell you, it is the best!

Glad all is well with your Michael.

OH MY #6 said...

Glad things went well.

AND, I love those mattresses!

As a matter of fact I can't wait for my next vacation!


Sandra said...

Glad to hear Michael is feeling okay. I have to check into those beds :-)

OziMum said...

They say you should get a new mattress every 10 years. Your mattress sounds devine!

Glad to hear Michael is on the mend. How's the puppy doing?

Mob said...

Yea for Michael and Yea for the new bed. We splurged on a Chatham & Wells a few years ago and every night I so appreciate the soft comfort of it.

Kudo said...

way to go Michael one for the team. Just one more sleep and you will be sleeping in Heaven.