Saturday, January 19, 2008

Three for Me!

Three days that is. I love a long weekend! Thank you, Dr. King.

I wish I could say I've got exciting plans, but that's not the case. Michael's working in San Francisco tonight, so I've got the next 24 hours to myself. Those hours will fill up with the usual stuff: laundry, errands, and some housecleaning. I'm also trying to psych myself up for pruning the backyard this weekend. The weather is perfect for it, so I've really got not excuses. Tomorrow there is an antique market down the street, so I might walk over there and check it out. I haven't done that in a long time, and it would be fun.

Monday morning we're taking Buffy to see veterinarian #3. We know she needs the TPLO surgery. Our regular vet doesn't perform that surgery. The first specialist we saw told us he'd charge between $3200 - $3800. What? That's just for one knee! The surgeon we're seeing Monday charges between $2600 -$2900. It's still a big chunk of change, but we'd save several hundred dollars.

Poor Buffy!

Poor us! So, we're hoping for a big tax return this year.

Enjoy your weekend!


Shelley said...

Good luck at the vet. So sorry about Buffy's condition. That stinks for everyone. Except maybe the vet. :)

Enjoy your long weekend. What a treat!

Kayce said...

Enjoy your 24 hours, make the most of it! I'll keep good thoughts for Buffy!

Mob said...

You scared me, when I saw the title of your post, I thought you were having triplets.
I guess Bush is giving us all tax rebates, so that will help with Buffy's knee surgery!

i-Con said...

Enjoy the weekend!

I'll be sending good wishes for Buffy! Poor sweet dog.

jcmiller24 said...

Happy three day weekend!

Sorry about Buffy. I hope she's not in too much pain.

krj said...

Glad you've enjoyed this long weekend... hope everything works out for Buffy!

Shannon said...

TPLO is so expensive, but I'm glad my Gracie got hers done (both knees!!!) She is a totally new dog now. As for's soooo hard going back after these long weekends!

2weeks2much said...

All caught up on your blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope Buffy is OK, and I hope that you'll have good news soon on the babymaking front! Good luck! Fingers crossed!