Friday, December 28, 2007

I just love this poster! And I love my labs - both of them. ;-)

The "big dog" is working today, and so I've got the day to myself. I think I'll use part of the day to get on over to the DMV and apply for a new license with my married name. After my trip to the Social Security office yesterday, I now know that I need to take a book with me to help pass the time while I wait.

As for Buffy, we learned the other day that she has sustained damage to her cruciate ligament and has arthritis in her knees. None of this comes as a surprise, as Buffy was born with bad knees and already had surgery at ten months of age. So, we'll see the surgeon for a consultation on Monday, and probably schedule surgery as soon as possible. I'm hoping we can just do the worst knee for now. I think that will make her recovery easier. Poor Buffy. Poor us... Recovery is two months of confinement in the crate. It's no fun for anybody. Right Mom? My parents housed Buffy for me during her first recovery. This time, Michael will be home enough to be with Buffy while I'm working.

That's it for now. I'd best get my day going.


Mob said...

I love that poster. We have a yellow lab too. Her name is Josie.
It's true that in relationships it works well if you both have the same dreams and aspirations. I hope Buffy's surgery goes well.

OziMum said...

Hope Buffy finds the spring in her step soon!

Love that poster! It is so true.

Shannon said...

Your lab comment was funny! =) Gracie had surgery on both knees (different times) I'll echo's no fun at all! The girls and I will keep her in our thoughts.