Friday, August 24, 2007

Guestbooks and Other Odd Items

Is it just my ignorance, or is there a good reason why brides and grooms continue to include a guest book at their weddings? I know it's a record of who was in attendance on the day of the wedding. But really, does anyone ever go back and read those signatures when they're reminiscing? I can't see Michael or myself ever doing that.

But, it's a tradition. Right? And I'm a fairly traditional girl. So, I searched high and low for a guestbook that suited my personal style. Some were really pretty, but most weren't. Most of them were expensive, and I just didn't want to spend a lot of money for something that would ultimately just contain a bunch of John Hancocks.

I was just about to ditch the guestbook idea altogether until I came across the Guestbook Store. They make semi-custom guestbooks. I was able to choose the cover design, and then I was able to choose from a casual or formal page insert. I chose the casual page insert:

On the back of this page will be a page on which guests can include memories of the bride and/or groom, and give marital advice.

I like this idea because for the same amount of money as many of the other guestbooks I was considering, Michael and I will actually have a book full of memories from our guests - not just their John Hancocks! I also ordered an additional package of pages that allow for the bride and groom to record their thoughts and memories, and pages to record gifts received.

During the reception, I'll have my two lovely nieces work the room and pass out pages to the guests. As things start winding down, they will make sure that people return their (hopefully) completed pages before they leave. To make sure that everyone has a writing implement, I ordered a set of 100 archival quality markers (sold by the Guestbook Store). They come in all different colors, and so guests can express their creativity.

Here's a picture from the Guestbook Store's website of some little flower girls filling out their pages. Aren't they cute?
So, have any of you ever been asked to do something like this at a wedding? If so, what did you think of it?


C.J. said...

I did exactly that at my nephew's wedding 2 years ago. (Yes, I am that old ;0)

Anyhoo, it was a lovely idea and added a lot more meaning for the couple.

Great choice.

Carla said...

visiting from another blog. One other new thing I've seen lately is making a book that you can write in with your engagement photos at lowered opacity. It's a book bound book, then guests would write on the pages, or opposite pages with your photos on them.

I like this idea as well, and I would love to have had some of the info from our wedding guests. We had a "wedding wish" basket, or "marriage advice" basket. Both were wonderful.

Sandra said...

I really like that guest book. It is so much more meaningful than any other old guest book.

Woman, you are making decisions left and right, aren't you???

Michelle said...

I think that's a cool idea. It has been awhile since I attended a wedding, but the last one I went to they had a picture of the couple framed with a thick white mat and the guests wrote wishes around the mat with different colored metallic pens. The couple planned on having it framed and hanging it in their house. I thought that was neat. I never once have looked at my guestbook. In fact, I don't even know where it is!

Kristen said...

The last two wedding I was in had...

1. A large framed photo of the couple with enough matting space around it for everyone to write well wishes.

2. An unfinished surfboard with random photos of the couple sealed into it and sharpy markers for guests to write wishes on. (beach themed wedding. It's now hanging over the bar in their gameroom.

I like your book idea, and that they can do it at their table, not standing somewhere waiting for others to finish writing. Cute!!

M3 said...

Love that guestbook!

We did something kind of similar in the rsvp card for our wedding so each guest sent in marriage advice for us with their reply. We have all of those cards in a keepsake box.

AprilMay said...

This is so fun to read! I've been married for 17 years, and boy have times changed! I feel so old, LOL. I would do a lot of things differently now!
Everything you have chosen is elegant and beautiful! And yes; your sweetie will eventually realize you are right about the ring of course!

M3 said...
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Michele said...

I think this is a great idea. More than just a bunch of signatures, you have real memories and it would be fun to read the entries. Congratulations...I followed you over from your other blog.

Michele, Mom to Emily and Alyssa

Shelley said...

How clever! No, I've not been asked to do anything like that, and yes, I bought a guestbook 13 years ago which I haven't seen since.

So this is really cool. You are always so creative - what a great idea.

Doris & Dan said...

We had a picture of us each as kids that Dan blended as one and made black and white. We bot a big matting for people to sign and send wishes. It hangs in our basement between photo collage frames. We love it and our friends were inspired to do the same thing for their wedding.

Love the creative book idea.

Keep smilin!

Kayce said...

What a great idea! We just had people sign the mat of a picture of us. We do hang it in our home, but it'd sure be nice to have more than just signatures.

PS - You ROCK on the gym thing! I only made it once this week and then worked out at home one day. ARGH! I've got NO motivation! Maybe I should ask my husband if he wants to get married again?? ;)

redmaryjanes said...

I haven't seen that before, but I think it sounds wonderful. I do have our guest book, but I haven't looked at it at all.

Two Kayaks said...

We had a traditional guestbook right outside the reception hall. Most people wrote their names and a wish for us. I ahevn't looked at it in years.
I liek the idea of a more personalized way to have your guests participate in the day.

Shannon S said...

What a great idea. It's going to be a lovely event!!

PS If you have time and wish to participate in a middle name meme, please stop by my blog. =)

A Special Family said...

lol I am soooo not a wedding person, but even I like the idea!

Joannah, I wanted to say thank you for your kind words today. They meant a lot!

Yes, Minister... said...

I love the idea and YES we did it at a wedding last summer! I have never looked at the guest book, but this I would. If it is a small wedding I might even ask the photographer to try and take as many guest images as possible and then insert them in the book where people wrote. What a wonderful memory.

Oh ~ I LOVE the ring. Very Jane Austin :D

Alyson & Ford said...

Great idea - yes, at DH's sister's wedding reception, the family passed out printed cards that allowed us to write thoughts, wishes, advice, etc. Was very nice and fun to write out.

LID 01/27/06