Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Midweek Blues

I'm just feeling so pressed and stressed this afternoon. Turns out the online "application" I completed at the end of November for Social Security Disability Insurance was not the actual application. No, it was the medical survey. It took me hours and hours to complete during Thanksgiving week. Michael called Social Security again today, and was told they had never received his application. So I did a little research and realized what we needed to do, and then I did it. I think there's more paperwork to submit, but at least we're in the pipeline now.

This sort of thing just makes me crazy. So does looking at all the paperwork I need to sort through to prepare our taxes. Michael's got a banker's box full of 2009 receipts, and I've got an Ann Taylor Loft shopping bag full. Nice...

Anyway, I'm just feeling overwhelmed by stuff like this. I just wish the world would slow down a little bit while I deal with Michael's health, and I'll get back to things like taxes, going to work, pruning my roses, and so on later.

Yesterday Michael received this pillow I ordered for him. He is unable to lay down to sleep anymore because of his acid reflux. The pillow worked out really well - he hardly coughed at all last night - but his tailbone was sore from sitting all night. Thankfully, my mom picked up a special doughnut-shaped cushion for him to sit on tonight. It seems like whenever we solve one problem, another one pops up - kind of like playing Whack-a-Mole.

Michael said the fertility clinic called today to ask if we wanted to keep the swimmers we'd frozen this time last year. I think he would have told them to throw them out, but I wasn't willing to do so. Soon we'll be getting a bill for them to stay in storage another year. I like the idea of having them just in case. I don't allow myself to spend much time thinking about that part of our lives, but I still want to keep our options open.

Sorry to be a complainer. I'm just in a little funk today. It'll pass.


Jaclyn said...

You should keep the samples, since they will bring you comfort, something you are in great need of right now. Try to take some time for yourself, even though there is so much else for you to do.

mekate said...

I am all for options-- so my advice iskeep them open.
can you just file for an extension on your taxes now? or have someone help you? it sounds overwhelming and so much of what you are coping with can't be delegated, but that may be able to be..... I'm just saying, unload what you can.

It is so hard when your life is (rightfully) consumed in each moment by the act of surviving and dealing with everything that comes up (whack a mole is such a great metaphor!!!)-- I wish for you moments "off" but I know there cannot be many opportunities for those. So I wish you peace whenever possible, and loads of love in between and in spite of the laundry.

thinking of you and sending love to you and Michael,


Michelle with a K said...


So sorry all these stressors are upon you. I know it's another expense, but maybe this year it might be worth it to pay a tax professional. Remember, one of our former colleagues from 3rd grade is married to one...perhaps she can help you out?

Wish I was there to DO something for you. In the mean time, I'm praying. (((HUGS)))

Alex and Jill said...

I'm sorry you're feeling stressed. You have so much on you right now. I know that all I can do is pray, so that's what I commit to do.

Hang in there, sweet girl.


AprilMay said...

Oh, I know all about funks! I haven't even blogged for a while because I can't think of anything positive to write about! How sad is that? :( Is there any way you could take a day off or wait until spring break to tackle the taxes?
"Whack a Mole" made me laugh... I love that you have a sense of humor about all of this even now!

onesillymama said...

Argh... so many frustrations all piled up. No fun/no fair. I've BTDT so I really feel for you! All you can do is follow the advice of Dory from Finding Nemo... "keep swimming, keep swimming"... :-)

Calico Sky said...

In think keeping them is a very normal, very very healthy decision. I'm so glad you have hope and some swimmers in storage ;)