Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather

Wouldn't you just know it! Here I am on vacation and I've got some sort of sinus thing or a cold coming on. Sheesh! I started taking Zicam yesterday and I hope that will at least lessen the symptoms so that I can do the things I planned to this week. We're taking it easy this morning, but I think we'll try to do some painting a little later today.

My family left this morning for a week in the Grand Canyon area. I will miss spending Thanksgiving with them, but I hope they have a great trip. While they are gone, we are dog-sitting my parents' dog Rosie. This has got Buffy in a bit of a snit. Rosie is the top dog, and so Buffy is having to deal with the fact that Rosie has taken over her bed. This leads to a lot of pacing the floor and whining on Buffy's part. We are not interfering because we think they just need to work out the situation for themselves. Buffy has two other beds in the house to choose from, so it's not like she's without a comfy place to settle down. Buffy is also really jealous of any attention we give Rosie. She was always like that with Taylor, too. This has just reinforced for me that we cannot have another pet. Buffy just doesn't like to share her things or her people. That's okay. We have enough on our plate. We don't need another pet right now.

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Kudo said...

Hope you feel better really soon and you have a wonderful week off. I have put in for the next 2 days off to say home with Annalise she is sick again this makes 4X since school started. Its the daycare crud and they will not give her anything for it and it keeps coming back. I hope 1 week off does the trick.