Friday, November 6, 2009

And then it was November...

One of our best shots from a photo shoot we did earlier this week.

November has become one of my favorite months. First there's our wedding anniversary next week, and then Thanksgiving is coming up (with a week's vacation!). Lots to appreciate about this month.

The birthday party last Saturday was something else! The triplets and their parents live in a very nice community in a lovely home, and it was decorated beautifully for the season. It was a party that Martha Stewart herself could have put together. There was a lovely and delicious buffet for the grown-ups, and another one for the kids catered by Michael's auntie. The food choices were a little bit different for each - prime rib for the big kids, and sliders for the little ones. The kids also were treated to a bouncy house and a balloon artist. There was an amazing candy buffet, and three amazing cakes - one for each triplet. Michael had the mango cake (an Asian favorite), and I had the white cake with chocolate filling. That was before I knew the third cake was red velvet! Since it was a costume party, they had a contest for the best adult and children's costumes. Alas, we had not dressed up. Shortly before we left, three pinatas were brought out and the kids started swinging. It was quite a party, and I enjoyed meeting several of Michael's family members that I had not met before.

Come to find out, the triplets were conceived using IVF. In fact, it was their parents' fourth attempt with IVF. When I spoke with Michael's cousin (the triplets' mom) about this, I felt an instant connection with her. There's just something about being infertile and going through infertility treatments that just creates a quick connection between two people. And, it turned out that she and her husband had used our fertility clinic! To make it even more of a "small world" experience, our mutual acupuncturist (associated with the fertility clinic) was there with her family. I was thrilled too see Dr. P, as I hadn't seen her since I discontinued my acupuncture treatments after Michael's diagnosis. It was good to bring her up to speed on our situation, and we were all hopeful that we'll be seeing her again before too long.

Sunday we joined my family at Open Sesame (great Lebanese food) for lunch, and then we all went to a chrysanthemum show at the local university in the Japanese garden there. I wasn't the only one who mentioned that it felt like Tata should have been there with us. She would have loved it. She was always up for an afternoon outing with us. Anyway, it was a nice afternoon. Warm enough to feel like summer still, though. I'm ready for fall to arrive and stick around already!

Sunday was also a day in which Michael and I had one of the biggest arguments since we've been married. Suffice it to say, he was over-committing himself to some upcoming work, and I was very concerned about it. He was not heeding my suggestions to limit his commitments for his health's sake, and that led to a big argument. We rarely, RARELY argue, so it was a big deal. I went into the bedroom in tears, slammed the door, and turned the TV up as loud as it would go. By the way, I am not proud of my behavior. It just so happened that the television was on a Kerry Shook program (he's a pastor), and I think that saved my marriage. LOL! He and his wife were preaching about the role of the husband and wife in marriage. I was too busy crying and feeling sorry for myself to pay much attention, though. But, my husband was listening to every word they said, and in a little while, he came in the bedroom obviously moved. He said it was a good thing I had put that on and turned up the volume, and he asked how he could honor me. That really helped to resolve our differences, and a reasonable compromise was reached. Whew! Arguments are probably not uncommon for most "newlyweds", but we've had so few of them in the last 24 months. I really think it was a "God thing" that he was receptive to the words he overheard blaring through the bedroom walls.

Work continues to be very, very demanding. I am on my toes all day long. Upper grades are so different from primary grades in that way in my opinion, but I guess it all comes down to your class and your own workstyle. My class is great, though. I really like my students. I was assigned a new student two weeks ago, and I was apprehensive that he would negatively affect the class dynamics - it's happened before. But, it turns out he is sweet and innocent. A really nice kid. The days fly by. They really do. But I'm exhausted by the time 2:50 arrives. Simply exhausted!

We are in the countdown to our second anniversary this coming Wednesday. We'll leave then for a few days in Cambria. I can hardly wait. I hope it will be very relaxing for both of us. I can hardly wait.


By Grace said...

I like the way you and your husband were able to resolve your you, my husband and i rarely argue and we make sure we resolve any issue as soon as possible.

I know what you mean about meeting someone who's dealt with infertility, i met someone in church recently and it was as if we had know each other forever, she also has twins through IVF.

Andrea said...

Joannah, God has blessed you with such a beautiful, full life! You amaze me with your love for it and energy.

Isn't God amazing? He knows everything before it happens - where we'll be, what we'll do, what we'll say. And He's always preparing our steps.

He was truly with you and moved through the brief conflict you had with your husband. Yes, God is so good.

I praise God for my two sons. They are miracles. I had two miscarriages, trying to conceive more children and finally had a hysterectomy when I was 30. It is still painful to think of the losses of the babies and of my ability to have more children, even though I'm 50 now!

God is in all things and has His hand on your life. In time, he will most surely bless you with a beautiful child(ren).

Have a wonderful weekend.


Donna said...

What a beautiful picture! And a really amazing story. Your heart must have melted when Michael asked you how he could honor you. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. I'm blessed with a wonderful man too and we'll celebrate our anniversary next week too (the day before yours).


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Sniffles and Smiles said...


God bless you!!! You are both under so much stress...but you are graciously, and beautifully demonstrating Christlike character!!! Sending you my love and continued prayers!!! Happy upcoming Anniversary!!! ~Janine XO

P.S. I haven't heard Bob Bennett in years...he was always one of my MOST favorites!!! Thanks for your beautiful playlist! ~J.

Julie said...

Bless your heart. I have no experience being a wife, but your faith is inspirational to me. Perhaps the argument was necessary to get that show on and the message to both of you!

Alex and Jill said...

I love hearing what you guys are up're always eating at the best restaurants! :)

Can't wait to hear about your Anniversary trip!


mekate said...

thinking of you and thank you for sharing your wonderful photo! you two are a beautiful couple.

Happy anniversary and have a wonderful trip,


Dawn said...

What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful couple.
Happy anniversary.

Teacher's Pet said...

That is an awesome picture!
You are both beautiful...(I don't like to be called beautiful...."Handsome"!...) but you are both absolutely beautiful...inside and out.
Love to you from Jackie

Joannah said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments about our photograph. It's so nice to have some new photos to use for our Christmas cards and to get in frames around the house.