Saturday, October 3, 2009

And then it was October...

We have been anxiously awaiting the first of October since we learned that Michael has cancer, and that we couldn't change medical groups until open enrollment. So, Thursday was a good day for us. Michael had an appointment with his new GP that day at UCLA. Now, whatever lies ahead in terms of Michael's health and future treatments, we won't have delays like we did before. That's a huge relief. As for how he's feeling, he's got several side effects from the Sutent including fevers, night sweats, a metallic taste in the mouth, and mouth sores. It's no fun, but we have just six days to go before he gets a two-week break from the medicine.

Two weekends from now, we may be attending a wedding in Northern California if Michael feels well enough. I think he will as he will be in the middle of his two weeks off from the Sutent, and his oncologist told him he should feel good during that time. If we go, we are going to make half the drive on Thursday night and stay with friends in Los Osos, before getting up to Saratoga on Friday. The wedding is Saturday, and we will have to make the drive home on Sunday so I can return to work on Monday. I'm really looking forward to the drive up the 101. It's my favorite way to travel between southern and northern California. The drive home will probably be on the 5 and that's not as enjoyable, but it is faster.

And, as much as I love summer, there's something about October. I guess I've developed a greater appreciation for autumn in the last few years. Weather-wise, Southern California is still very warm during the day, but the nights and mornings are cooler, and the light is changing as the days grow shorter. I'm looking forward to the comfort foods of the season, my cooler-weather wardrobe, and this season's holidays. Notice how I didn't include football? Nevertheless, it's on all the time now. That's okay. If it helps Michael pass the time, I'm all for it. Go team! ;-)

Later today, my mom and my sister are going with me to the annual Piecemaker's Harvest Craft Fair in Costa Mesa. There will be lots of "happy crap" to look at, but the main attraction for me is the homemade apple pie. It's almost as good as my mom's or my sister's pies. I'm glad that my mom will be able to get away for a while and have some fun. She's lovingly caring for my grandmother who has terminal lung cancer, and it's very hard on her. Thankfully, my sweet Aunt Maureen is there for the weekend to help out, and Mom will be able to join us. It should be fun.

Hoping for and expecting good things in October.


AprilMay said...

I hope and pray that this new season is full of good news and blessings for you! And that Michael's two week break in Nov. will fall on your anniversary!

Anne Marie said...

I've never heard the term "happy crap" and I love it! It is the perfect term for those kinds of places :)

I am so glad Oct is here and things will be going more smoothly from now on. What a relief!!!

Alex and Jill said...

I will be praying that Michael feels well during those two weeks off, so you guys can enjoy your trip.

The happy crap fair sounds like fun! I made an apple pie last night...yummy! Hope you girls had fun. :)


mekate said...

Wishing for you a wonderful October- a season of healing, and beauty, and time together.

Thinking of you much more often than I've been commenting lately. And I am wishing you all the best.
thank you for your love and support.

hugs to you,

Calico Sky said...

Thrilled it is finally October for you and now there will be no more delays.

The wedding sounds lovely, I hope you can both go and Michael is feeling better soon.

I pray for you both daily!