Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post Appointment Update

We saw the pulmonologist again today. This is the doctor that was inquisitive enough to do more than just pronounce that Michael had asthma and leave it at that. It was the bloodwork he ordered that really tipped him off to Michael's condition, and he was the one who ordered the first CT scan and the first biopsy. So, we can be grateful for that.

However, today I found him to be a bit arrogant and somewhat dismissive of our going to UCLA for treatment. Seems like a lot of these doctors out of Hoag think they are the be-all-end-all for medical treatment regardless of whether or not they have any doctors specializing in a particular disease, and I'm sick of their attitudes. Both of the doctors we've seen at UCLA have been so humble and compassionate. I guess when you really are part of one of the best cancer centers in the world you don't have to walk around all puffed up about it. What a concept!

Our going to see him was not necessary as it turns out. He said that our GP could have ordered a pulmonary function test. Oh, well. There goes our $20 copay. We were able to schedule the test for this Friday afternoon.

We also learned today that our referral to a cardiologist was finally approved. Michael has scheduled an appointment with that doctor for next Thursday. I will be back at work by then, and so perhaps his mom can go with him. I really like for there to be another pair of ears present at these appointments. There's usually a lot to remember.

Tomorrow morning, Michael will have his CT scan and brain MRI. We're hoping that there won't be much difference from the previous scans. However, we learned today that his tumor had grown by 1 cm from the time it was first scanned to the time it was surgically removed. So, I guess we shouldn't be surprised if there is growth. I wish we could speed things up, but our medical group wasted two weeks of our time right after Michael's surgery hemming and hawing over our request to return to UCLA for our consultation with the oncologist. We could have been doing all this two weeks ago if it weren't for that.

All of this is just so exhausting.


Calico Sky said...

Joannah, I'm so sorry. I can't even begin to imagine how on earth you deal with paperwork and beaurocracy at a time like this. You have such strength & grace. I'll be praying boldly for you both.


Sara said...

I am frustrated on your behalf, so I can't even imagine what you are feeling. You'd think it would be...ok, he has a nasty cancer, it is full-on treatment starting RIGHT NOW. To think that it has been held up because of all this must just bring you to tears.

If you need a weekend away...and I know that must sound impossible right now, but think about it...the fall in New England is so beautiful and relaxing. I'd take really great care of YOU and you'd have a lovely little home to rest your head in.

Alex and Jill said...

I just hate this for you guys. It shouldn't be this hard to start treatment. I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for Michael's tests today.


onesillymama said...

Whoa, it is exhausting, isn't it? Weird to think that Michael and I might be inpatient at the same time! You have a great supportive attitude, Joannah, and it's good that you vent here sometimes to let off the necessary steam.