Thursday, August 13, 2009

Out of Limbo and Onward

Yesterday morning, we learned that our referral back to UCLA was approved, and today we made an appointment for this coming Monday. It's a huge relief to have cleared that hurdle. Monday's appointment is just a consultation, but I hope we will have a better idea of the timeline for Michael's upcoming treatment after that.

Our life is becoming a series of doctors appointments. Tomorrow we return to our GP about Michael's itchy skin. Next Tuesday, I have to have a mammogram - oh, joy! That afternoon, Michael has an appointment with his gastroenterologist. And next Wednesday, I'm taking Michael to my optometrist to have his eyes examined. It's like we've entered our golden years twenty or thirty years too soon. Sheesh!

But, we're trying to have some fun, too. Tomorrow afternoon, we're going to go see The Time Traveler's Wife. The book is an all-time favorite of mine. So, I hope the movie lives up to the book. Saturday night we're going to go see the Society of Seven show. And, we're going to Michael's parents' on Sunday for dinner. Thank goodness we have reasons to get out of the house other than doctors appointments!

There are just two more full weeks left until I go back to work. I think next week I'll have to start going in and setting up my classroom. I spoke briefly with my new principal this afternoon, and we are going to try and find a time to sit down and get acquainted. I need to bring her up-to-speed on the goings on in my life, and see if there's a chance I can teach third grade. If that's not a possibility, I will be okay with it. But, I thought I'd ask before I start spending a lot of time and money preparing to teach fourth grade again. Wish me luck!

Michael is making a great effort to have some structure to his days, and I think he's coming out of his funk. He's eating more, and watching far less television. Friends of Michael, please feel free to call him and/or make plans to stop by. He really benefits from the interaction with his friends. He's an extrovert, and I think he's been too isolated while in recovery. Extroverts need social interaction. We'd love for you to come by for a little while and visit. Just give us a call first!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Good good good. Thanks for the update. Hope 3rd grade is in the plans for

mekate said...

thank goodness you got the referral for the consult! I always feel better when I have a roadmap. I am so glad you are going to try to meet up with your new principal- I think asking for what you need is brave and good. I am glad Michael is feeling a little better-- it must be hard to be waiting for "whatever is next"--

Wishing you all the best, and
holding you in my thoughts,

Sara said...

Hoping it all goes well and that his treatment can get started before you return to school. Any chance you can put off your mammo for a few weeks? It just seems you have so much on your plate right now. I am never one to suggest putting off necessary things, but in this case it might just keep you saner?

Keeping you in my prayers...thinking of you often!

Alex and Jill said...

Wonderful news about the referral! Huge answer to prayer. :)

I'll be praying for your sit down with your prinicipal, as well.


Andrea said...

I'm so happy to hear everything worked out with the referral. Thank the Lord! I am still praying for you and Michael. May God give you both grace, healing, comfort,and peace, as He moves in your lives.

It sounds like you are going to have a very nice weekend. The Time Traveler's Wife looks like a great movie, and I've been wanting to see it. I haven't read the book, though.

I will remember you as you go back to school. I hope and pray you will get a third grade class. God loves to give us the desires of our hearts.

Have a beautiful weekend! Many blessings, Joannah!

In Christ's Love,


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

The "funk" is so normal. But, it is tough.

Thinking of you lots and reread that e-mail you sent me a while back a lot.


AprilMay said...

I've been out of Internet range for a week and I've been thinking of you and Micheal! So glad to catch up and hear that he's doing better and you finally have a referral! YAY!!! I am praying for 3rd grade and an understanding new principal. That is sooooo important!
I also LOVE the beginning and ending of each year. I would hate an endless job cycle!