Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to School Style

School starts early next month out here in California. In fact, I report back to prepare my classroom and attend super important meetings (LOL!) just three weeks from this Wednesday. I like the rhythm of life I have being a teacher because it's so similar to all those years I spent being a student. I like that there's a distinct beginning and end to each school year. It gives me a fresh start and a clean break every ten months. You can't get that working in an office.

When I was in junior high and high school, I usually looked forward to going back because for the most part I enjoyed school. I feel that way now, too. Back then, I remember shopping with my mom and my sister for school clothes, and leading up to that I always studied the pages of the August edition of Seventeen magazine. There was something so wonderful about all those fashion layouts and makeup tips. I longed to be one of those pretty girls in well-coordinated outfits.

In retrospect, Seventeen really didn't do me a lot of good! I was in no way a fashionista. I wore things my mom made for me, preppy styles like polo shirts, and anything I thought was reminiscent of Princess Diana's style. I had this trench coat that I just loved to wear. What was I thinking? My hair was permed, and I had braces on my teeth from the time I graduated from eighth grade until the end of my junior year. I was very shy and self-conscious about my appearance. It's funny now, but back then I so wanted to be something I didn't know how to be.

Anyway, I made it through those awkward years and grew into someone who knows better than to perm my hair, and wear opaque stockings or culottes. But I'm still trying to figure out the rest of it!

What were some of your fashion don'ts as a teenager?


Dawn said...

OH my word growing up as a teen in England in the 80's we LURVED princess Diana. Never left the house without my pearls! Had to have the ruffled shirts and the culottes. Laura Ashley made a fortune from my folks. If she wore it we had to have it and that included the haircut.
Thankfully now I march to my own drum. I wonder who my girls will want to follow when they are teens? On second thoughts maybe I don't want to know.

Kathryn said...

Anything my mother made, not that i had a choice! LOL

Kathryn said...

I should have said, quality was not the problem. My mother is near-professional in sewing. She was just stuck on clothes from when she was a kid & it was just awful having to wear that. I learned to sew on my own in self-defense.

Alex and Jill said...


I always wore a school uniform, from kindergarten-12th grade, so I didn't have a choice of what I wore. I did make the mistake of perming my hair and wearing big bangs though...OH MY GOODNESS! HA!

Jenny said...

Knickers- you know, the ones with the bands at the knees? So they puffed out? Yeah. And I too had a liking for all things Diana. Even got my hair cut like her. And then got mistaken for a boy. Sheesh.

Shannon said...

We sound so similar! My sophomore year I saw an advert for this gorgeous Bonne Bell all in one eyeshadow compact- bright purples and pinks! Needless to say, I wore those shades til college! I went to high school in the suburbs of DC and we often wore nylons and heels. Must be why I rebel on that now!