Monday, July 6, 2009

This & That

I've been too busy to blog much. So, this post will cover a lot of ground.

Atlantic City:

We headed out to Atlantic City on June 24th for Ceaser's 30th Anniversary show. Michael's boss, Tony Orlando, and Ann-Margret were asked to perform - Michael's boss because he had opened the room, Tony Orlando because he had been the second act there, and Ann-Margret because she had cut the ribbon at the ground breaking. We stayed at Bally's which just can't compare to the Borgata where we stayed the last time we were there. Oh, well. We had dinner and did a little gambling over at the Borgata the first night we arrived. The next morning we checked out the open-air outlet mall within walking distance of the hotel, and Michael found a good deal on a pair of athletic shoes. I had hoped to meet up with Kristen later that day, but I wasn't feeling well at the time we'd agreed to meet. Maybe next time.

Michael's step-mother, Verna, arrived on Friday morning, and we had breakfast with her. Then Michael went to a rehearsal and Verna and I headed back over to the Borgata on the jitney to play the slot machines. I have to admit that I had very little luck with the slot machines this time and I left too much of my money in Atlantic City! The show that night was lots of fun, and some cousins of Michael's drove in to see the show. They went backstage with us after the show and we had a great visit with them. His cousin had been through a bout with cancer several years ago, and they were a wealth of information and encouragement. Before they left, they prayed with us, and that really blessed me because we'd had a tough couple of days with the insurance company and I was distressed.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was that Michael's boss offered to let us fly home on his private jet with him and his family. We gladly accepted the offer! Instead of being in the lobby for a 4 a.m. pickup, we were able to sleep in a bit. We were picked up at 9 a.m. for a 10 0'clock flight! They had hired a Hummer for us to ride in to the airport. Once we got to the airport the car just pulled up to the plane and we got on - no security! What a time and stress saver. The flight was very comfortable. We were waited on hand and foot by the flight attendant. It was a great experience, and it was far less stressful physically for Michael. Once we returned to Southern California, there was a limo waiting for us, and we were chauffeured back to LAX where we had left our car. Very nice.

Glen Ivy:

Being that we cancelled our vacation plans, I decided that we would do something indulgent together close to home. I wanted us to have a couple's massage. So, I began looking into our options at various day spas in the area. For the price, Glen Ivy Hot Springs was the best deal I could find. They had a "Week Day Getaway" package that included admission, a massage, their Grotto Experience, and lunch. So, last Thursday we headed out there for a little pampering. It was a gorgeous day, and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Michael is tired most of the time, so this was the perfect day for us because he was able to lounge around poolside when we weren't having a service or lunch. Very relaxing.


We are still waiting on a surgery date. We did call UCLA on Thursday and the initial date thrown out there by the other doctor (not our doctor) was August 20th. Michael and the doctors' assistant were both in agreement that that wasn't acceptable. So, she was going to see what else she could come up with. The trouble is that she is having to coordinate two doctors' schedules because this surgery will be performed by our doctor and his surgical partner. We'll be calling back today to see if she's got a better date set up. The sooner the better. Michael is really tired these days. I think the trip to Atlantic City took too much out of him. I believe that once the tumor is removed, that he will perk up a bit.


The trip to Atlantic City threw me off my fitness routine, and then last week I dropped a heavy book on top of my left foot and bruised it pretty badly. Today, I'm going to try and put my athletic shoes back on and either go for a walk or head over to the gym. I am not feeling good about my weight at all, and I really need to be exercising daily.

I was in another fender bender yesterday. Hadn't even had the damage from the first accident back in April repaired and now this! It happened in the grocery store parking lot, and I believe that the other driver and myself are equally to blame. We were both backing out and we backed into one another. I already called in the claim to my insurance company last night, and hopefully I can get it repaired this week. Looks like the whole bumper will need to be replaced. What a drag!

So, there you have it - all the news from my little corner of the world. Have a happy Monday.


Alex and Jill said...

Well you guys have been on the go. :) I'm glad you took the opportunity to have a spa day nice!

I was in a fender bender this weekend, as well...was going to blog about that later. Just makes you sick, doesn't it!?

Praying they set a surgery date soon.


AprilMay said...

LOL I was in the exact same fender bender! It's probably happening in a parking lot somewhere to someone else even as I type this.
Staycations are a great idea! I am working on a list of "close to home" places for my family too. I am praying that surgery will be scheduled SOON!!

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Calico Sky said...

Joannah I keep praying for you & Michael. ((hugs))