Friday, July 31, 2009

Pathology Results

We spoke with Dr. P today about the pathology findings for Michael's tumor. Turns out that he has Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC). This is good because it's the type that 65% of kidney cancer patients have, and it's the one that responds best to the treatments available. However, it is a high grade and that can be more challenging to treat. Dr. P said he was pleased with the results, and that he thought that Michael will be able to do HDIL-2.

We are still waiting for our referral to be approved to see Dr. K back at UCLA. This shouldn't be a problem, but it seems to be taking longer than our other referrals did. If we don't get word today that it's been approved, then we probably won't get to see Dr. K until August 10th. Dr. P said it's likely that Michael will start HDIL-2 in August.

Michael's progress has been good and steady. He's much too thin (he weighs less than I do!), but he's starting to eat more. He's a stubborn patient, and doesn't always eat when prompted. But, yesterday he had a full plate of fried rice with egg and some steak for lunch, pad thai for dinner, and frozen yogurt with fruit for dessert. If he will just eat like that each day, he should put on weight. I'm trying to lose weight while he's trying to gain it!


Michelle said...

I'm hearing cautious optimism in this post, and I like it!

Praying that all works out regarding the insurance situation, and of course for a successful course of treatment.

AprilMay said...

Your last two posts about prayer and thankfulness have really blessed me! Thank you for them. I am praying that he will be referred soon! You made me LOL about losing/gaining weight...isn't that always the case? Sheesh!

Paula said...

The prognosis sounds promising.
So happy for you that you don't have to worry about work right now.

Kathy and Joel said...

It sounds as though you are headed in a good direction. I'm sure that the road to health will be a windy one, but with your strength and family support, it will be just fine.
You are never far from our thoughts.

mekate said...

So happy that you now have a name for what you are dealing with, and that that means good things in terms of treatment. I hope you get your referral soon, so you can stop worrying about bureaucratic crapola and get on with the stuff that matters more--

and you, your thankfulness post was so lovely, I am thankful to love and be loved by people I know and some who I don't know, and to be able to feel so connected to the world through this bizarre thing called the internet.

Sending love to you and Michael,


Tamara said...

Johannah, I had a friend who had breast cancer and lost so much weight. The drink Ensure helped her get some weight back on.

Like Michelle, it's so good to hear cautious optimism.

Continuing to pray for you both.

Julie said...

Hugs and prayers.