Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tel Aviv?

I was this close to meeting up with Michael in Tel Aviv, Israel this coming August. A couple performances were added there during this summer's European/Mediterranean tour, and he asked me if I wanted to meet him there.

At first I wasn't interested. It seemed like a really long way to go for such a short stay. But after talking about it with a friend at work, I started to get excited about it.

However, by the time I got home yesterday, Michael realized that it was going to take 125,000 air miles for my ticket.

Uh, no thanks! That's a lot of miles for one trip.

So, still no grand plans for summer travel.


Hopefully, I'll be pregnant and unable to travel anyway.



Shannon said...

=) =) =) =)

mekate said...

Ah! such a great fantasy! I am sorry it cannot come true. BUT I bet summer travel, even a road trip with your darlin will come true one way or the other. And I hope you are pregnant and have to pull off to pee often.

Oh! I forgot-- one of the things that helped my belly is pepogest peppermint oil capsules-- 2 at night before bed-- (can cause some pretty minty reflux so take it earlier if you have issues with that)-- but it calmed my guts within a few days.

Hope you are feeling better with the probiotics and all is calmer. Warmly, Kate

Alex and Jill said...

Praying you will definitely be preggers and can't go. :)

OH MY #6 said...

Love the positive talk!


Kate said...


I haven't been around a lot lately...but have been thinking of you...and wanted to let you know that your story has given ME encouragement to step back into the fertility business once again (although nothing major right now...just the good old fashion way!! :-)). I am hopeful and feel really happy about our decision to go "there" again...and so I hope we both will be gaining weight and eating pickles and ice cream on our summer vacays!!! :-)

Hope all is well...


Kayce said...

Adding my smiles to yours... :) :) :) :) :)

Julie said...

Yes, absolutely pregnant and needing to paint the baby's room!

Calico Sky said...

"Hopefully, I'll be pregnant and unable to travel anyway"