Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Our Valentine's weekend has been impacted by the news we received on Friday morning that one of Michael's sisters has suffered a stroke. He spent yesterday afternoon with his family at the hospital, but I stayed home because I've got this cold. We are all very concerned about her, obviously. Your prayers for her recovery are greatly appreciated. Her prognosis isn't clear at this time.

Dinner last night was just okay. We couldn't seem to get the timing right on our roasting efforts for some reason. So, we sort of ate in courses - duck confit and scalloped potatoes, followed by roasted brussels sprouts and beets. I think the kitchen mojo was affected by the other events of the day. And, the nice bottle of wine went unopened as I was not well enough to be partaking of alcoholic beverages. We'll just save it for later.

The evening was not a complete failure though. We exchanged Valentines, and Michael gave me some dark chocolates he purchased at Harrod's last weekend, and a bell for my bicycle. So cute! We watched Fireproof, and while I appreciated the movie's message, I don't think Michael could get past the production quality. When I told him this morning that the movie had been produced by a church and that many of the actors were church members, he was not at all surprised. In any case, if you can watch the movie with an open mind, there is a great lesson to be learned about relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and individuals and God. I recommend it.

This morning, Michael fixed me a fantastic breakfast of homemade hash browns, eggs, bacon, English muffins, and fresh-squeezed OJ. Totally made up for last night's experience. LOL! Then I took a long nap, and I do think I've turned the corner with this cold. I'm far less congested than I was yesterday and Friday. I think by tomorrow I may feel human again!


OH MY #6 said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you struggle.

Yes, I agree about the movie. Bill did not sit through it.

Hope you are better soon. My Bill is really sick with the same sort of thing.


Kayce said...

Will be keeping Michaels sister in our prayers. Please keep us updated.

We had beet soup as a "course" in our dinner last night. Yours sounds yummy and that breakfast, yum!

Sandra said...

So sorry about Michael's sister.

Alex and Jill said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. She will be in my prayers.

I actually told Alex, the night we watched Fireproof...that the message was so good, it allowed me to overlook the bad acting. :)

Happy to hear you're feeling better!


Kathy and Joel said...

Thought to you and to Michael. Hope that the effects of the stroke are short-lived.

mekate said...

Oh Joannah, I am sending healing wishes to you and your family- I am so sorry to hear of your sister in law's stroke-- it can mean so many different things, I hope you learn soon that she will recover completely--
ahh your story of your kitchen mojo, so familiar-- one pms-y evening I threw out a pie crust and started again; I am so glad for your wonderful breakfast.

I hope you are feeling completely well again soon.
warmly, Kate

Special K said...

Hope you have good news about your sister-in-law.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Stages or not - the meal sounded really good! I can't even remember what we did, we made a big batch of Chili and danced around the kitchen.
I had Fireproof in my hand at BB last night but put it down for this horrible Cohen Brothers movie that was so NOT FUNNY I think I would have been relieved to watch Kirks awkward acting instead. Everyone keeps telling me to see it so I am going to have to.
I am praying about his sister, and for him, and for your IVF, God is, and it going to be glorified through your life!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your sister-in-law is doing better. Hugs. - Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I hope your sister-in-law is doing better. Hugs. - Stephanie

kris said...

I'm sorry to hear of Micheal's sister and pray that she is recovering already. I will wait with everyone else to hear word.

I'm glad you 2 had a nice evening even if the meal couldn't be had "all at once" :O)

A nice "sleeper hit" of a movie, if you haven't seen it, is Bella. GORGEOUS film. I am going to buy it as I want to own it now.

Paula said...

I think the movie Fireproof has an excellent story. It parallels my marriage a LOT, but Michael is right, the whole look of the movie is like a made for tv Hallmark show.