Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Still Waiting!

I think my body has responded well to the acupuncture, and one way I can tell is that this cycle is turning out to be longer than usual. I really expected that I would start yesterday or today, but I think I've still got a couple days to go. Usually, I'd be thrilled to have a longer cycle, but I just want to get the IVF show on the road. Michael leaves for a short road trip on March 5th, and I really want him to be home for the egg retrieval.

Hopefully, everything will time out just right.


Kathy and Joel said...

That's always the way!! At this point, you just want to get started...at the same time, your body won't cooperate. Sigh. It will come!

Catherine said...

I am a long-time lurker. I just wanted to tell you that accupuncture treatments made all the difference for us. After months and months of trying, our daughter was finally conceived after I had had three accupuncture treatments. She is two months old now and is just adorable. Good luck to you!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I often think of you and pray for the day when i sign on and see a little white plastic thing with two pink lines on your counter!!!
I can not wait to hear what happens next, I hope he is able to be there for the next step. My girlfriend did this a couple years ago and I keep picking her brain about what is coming next for you.

mekate said...

Hi Joannah, sorry things are taking longer to get going than you'd like- I totally understand being eager to start- and in your case it is especially true with Michael coming up on a short trip. Since I think you mentioned you are doing a similar protocol to what we are planning, it may be that the stims will be much shorter than you expect-- good luck with everything! And I think acupuncture really makes a difference too.
warmly, Kate

OH MY #6 said...

xoxox and finger and toes crossed.