Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 10

As of this morning, we've still got seven really nice sized follicles maturing in my ovaries, and a handful too small to measure. Tonight may be our last night of stims, but I'm not sure about that. I was seen by the senior doctor in the practice this morning, Dr. A., and he thinks Tuesday will be the day for the egg retrieval. We may know more tomorrow as we have another appointment in the morning.

I'm feeling kind of tender now and I find myself walking a little slower.

My belly is covered with bruises. Michael does the best he can with the shots, but we haven't figured out how to avoid the bruises.

Yesterday's visit to the spa was perfect. The hot stone massage was just the right temperature and pressure, and I was able to really relax. I'm glad I chose to do that. I think it was very beneficial for my body and my state of mind.

I'll update again tomorrow after my doctor's appointment.



Kathy and Joel said...

Your body is going through so much now. It was definitely a wise thing to go to the spa. Have a good weekend!

Kate said...

I am suddenly so excited for you as I sit here across the country ending my day. I just got the best feeling...I REALLY think it is going to work. Keep those positive thoughts flowing!!!


mekate said...

Hi Joannah, sorry I have not checked in in a few days. Things sound good! The tenderness makes sense, there is a LOT going on in there. As for the bruises, I pushed my needles in slowly instead of jabbing and I swear that helped.

Good luck! warmly, another Kate

Green, Party of Five said...

Praying for you in Alabama. Cant wait to read the next update.

Green Party of 5ive

Alex and Jill said...

I'm moving slow these days, as well. I feel so bloated. ugh. I don't think there's any way to not get bruises...after so many days of sticking them, our bellies are tired of it.

I go in tomorrow morning, as well.

Praying for you, IVF buddy!!