Saturday, December 13, 2008

This is not Buffy. She would never let me put that on her. Gotta love that Labrador smile, though. We get lots of those around here.

So, I was a little concerned about my follicles because they'd been growing more slowly. Furthermore, after a week of shots, I thought I'd be feeling a lot more pressure in my ovaries, but I feel nothing. Last time I was in pain with every step I took. My ovaries were screaming, "Get those follicles out of here!" So, I was apprehensive when we went to the doctor's this morning. Turns out that everything is just fine. I have a mature follicle in both ovaries. The nurse said the sizes were perfect. So, they gave me the HCG shot, and we'll do our IUI tomorrow morning. I'm relieved! Come on twins! LOL!

Southern California is expecting a full week of wintry weather. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm expecting that my students will be a little on the wild side next week due to the weather and the upcoming vacation. Fun times! I hope they don't completely wipe me out. I'm also hoping that the weather will be good come Friday when we hit the road for Vegas. I don't want to drive in bad weather.

Michael and I are enjoying our workouts at the gym. We met there last night on his way home from work. Friday nights are a good time to hit the gym - people with social lives are busy doing something else and you don't have to wait for the equipment you want to use. Works for me! I did cardio for about an hour. I would get bored after a while, so I rotated from the treadmill to the Life Cycle to the elliptical. I love that my iPhone is also an iPod. I plugged in my headphones, picked a favorite song, "Geniused" it, and had a really cool playlist to listen to while I worked out. And I checked my email periodically. I love my iPhone!

Today, I'm just going to take it easy. I know that HCG shot will kick in this afternoon and I'll be feeling crummy through the evening. I don't know why, but that shot makes my whole hip sore. No gym time for me today.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

LOVE that pix!

Michele said...

Praying that everything goes well tomorrow. Have a great week...count on it, it will be crazy!!! The kids in my school were already bouncing off of the walls last week LOL.

In my thoughts,

Michelle said...

I had a love/hate relationship with the rain when I worked with kids. Now I just love it. Except for the way other people drive in Ca when in rains. Don't love that.

Saturday nights are also a great, non crowded time to hit the gym. Joe and I used to go all the time on Saturday evenings and we had the place to ourselves.

C'mon twins is right! Fingers(and toes crossed)!

wzgirl said...

If you take a pg test after that hcg shot - you'll get a +. I always thought that was funny. Good luck, babe. I'll be holding the best thought for you and your husband. xoxoxo

Shelley said...

Good news that the follicles are doing their job. You are becoming my idol with this gym thing. :) But not as in love with my iPhone as you are. You must have the latest and greatest. Mine is an iPhone dinosaur. :(

Kayce said...

I'm thinking twins sounds perfect! :)

Our wintry weather has still not arrived yet but it is COLD! I really hope that the kids stay in some kind of control.

Good thoughts for you tomorrow.

Alex and Jill said...

I hope everything went well this morning. Twins would be awesome!!

Take it easy this week. I'll check back for an update later today or tomorrow. :)