Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let There Be Lights!

For the first time in eleven years, my house has Christmas lights on it! I love having a handy husband!!! A couple nights ago we went over to Target to check out their selection. There was a little power struggle over which type of lights we should purchase. Michael likes those big multi-colored Christmas lights, but I prefer the little white icicle lights. In the end, I got what I wanted and he graciously put them up for me. They look very pretty and I'm definitely getting in the spirit to continue decorating this coming weekend.

During an appointment yesterday at the spa (nothing fun - just waxing), I was bossed around by a very talented esthetician who believes her talents extend to fertility advice. She insisted that I go see her acupuncturist in Laguna Beach, even though I told her I've tried acupuncture and that the expense and the distance were not working for me. She said that she has a client who tried to get pregnant for five years and was finally successful because of Dr. Ping! Okay, then! She also told me that everybody knows that if you go ahead and adopt you'll get pregnant. I did speak up at that point and told her that actually only about 5% of infertile couples experience that.


People are so well meaning, but they know so very little...

Oh, well.

Today, I've got to go to the DMV to renew my license. I hope it's not too crazy over there. Then I'm going to my mom's to lend a hand to the whole pie baking operation. Lots of cooking to do before the big day tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Joannah!

Your patience and grace with the many well-intentioned folks out htere amazes me. Next time I say (or write) something that ignorant feel free to send a virtual kick in the butt my way!

Michelle said...

...And I DO know how to spell "there", by the way :-)

Lori said...

It is hard to hear the platitudes at times. I'm sorry.

Teresa said...

I heard the same thing about adoption/pregnancy and just HAD to respond with, "I had a hysterectomy." Silence...

My SIL had trouble getting pregnant too and the joke is that her Aunt Joyce gave her "The Vinegar Book" that gives all the many uses of vinegar from impetigo to infertility. She claimed that just holding the book will get you pregnant. Well my SIL tried the vinegar/honey mixture, gagged, and handed the book back. She did get pregnant a few years later, but I doubt it had anything to do with the book. :)


Alex and Jill said...

I'm so happy you're getting into the spirit! :) I think you need to post some pics for our enjoyment, once you are finished. BooMama is having her annual Christmas Tour Of Homes where you can post a link to your pics...I think that's what I'm going to do. I have info on my sidebar if you want to check it out.

I still haven't made my first apptm with the acupunturist...guess I need to do that.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet girl!


Special K said...

That's one perk of having a man in your life.... all the odd jobs. LOL!

I was just thinking this the other day as I imnagined just how much fun it's going to be to carry all my Christmas decor from the basement. (voice dripping with sarcasm here)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Homemaker Ang said...

this must be hard. a "watched pot" never boils... I cannot imagine being in a fish bowl and understand how you feel, i really do. I was trying to get preg for the first time and my sister in law was newly pregnant and had the gull to tell me the reason i wasnt is because i did aerobics to much (i was a teacher)... people feel so free sometimes... WEIRD!

Shannon said...

I've "informed" two people this week that that is a myth. Good grief. (I love Teresa's response!)
Happy decorating!

Paula said...

I went to an accupuncturist too and it didn't work. I'm so glad you said that its only 5% of couples who adopt get pregnant because the LAST thing I need right now is another baby.
I know what you mean though, there's a saying that I like.
"Opinions are like a--holes, everybody has one"
Its true, theres a lot of know-it-alls out there.