Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready, Set, Stim!

Well, all systems are go for this cycle. Everything looked good on the ultrasound this morning, and then we got the refresher course on how to use the Follistim pen and medication. Just one injection a day starting tonight. Then, beginning Tuesday, I have to go in for an ultrasound every-other day. If all goes well, we'll probably do the IUIs the week of October 27th.

Michael just announced he's ready to be a dad. How cute is that?

So, we went out for breakfast after our doctor's appointment, and there were babies everywhere! Maybe sometime next year we'll be lugging around a couple of cuties, too. I'm still prayerfully lobbying the Lord for twins. ;-)

Last night's concert was so much fun! It was the first Amy Grant concert my sister had been to. All those years I was free to go to concerts, she was home with little kids. Amy had brought together all the original band members from twenty years ago, except her ex-husband, and one musician had passed away recently. I believe they also used all the original charts from that tour, so a lot of those tunes sounded very "eighties". In fact, she said they weren't going to perform anything that was recorded after 1988. She was her usual fun, gracious self. The crowd adored her. And, her hair looked great! She looks wonderful for being nearly 48 years young. Makes me feel better about being in my forties, actually.

Later today, we're headed out to Palm Springs. Michael has a two-hour gig there early this evening, and we decided that I should go along. We're going to get out there early for a date shake and to roam around the outlets before he has to go to work. Then, I figure I'll catch a movie or find a spot at Starbucks and read my book for a while until he's done. We're driving home after that.

Tomorrow my mother-in-law's horse is racing at Santa Anita again. Since he took second place most recently, we're hoping he'll win tomorrow and take us all to the winner's circle. Come on, Nasty Gent!!!


Lisa and Tate said...

So cute Michael said he is ready to be a dad! I am sending positive vibes that this is the month!!!

Alex and Jill said...

One of my fave Christmas cd's is Amy Grant...just love her.

How awesome would it be if you had twins!? I'm going to start praying for that on your behalf as well. :)

Have fun on your road trip with hubby. Sounds like a fun weekend!


PIPO said...

Stim on, m'dear! Thinking of you both :0)

OziMum said...

Hope it's a good month for you! Praying for twins too! That would be totally cool!

Donna said...

All the best!


Kelly and Todd said...

I just wanted to wish you all the best as you begin again. Wouldn't twins be wonderful? I'm praying we are referred twins from China.

Good Luck -- kelly :-)

PS - Amy Grant was the very first concert I ever went to and I've loved her music ever since. I'm so happy to hear you had a great time.

Kayce said...

Okay...twins! I'm so praying for twins for you and Michael. Sounds like Amy Grant was great, I would love to see her someday. Palm Springs is so wonderful this time of year. Enjoy your weekend and know that you are in our prayers.

Kate said...


LOVE Amy fact I just created a playlist with all of her Christmas tunes...never too early to start with the Christmas tunes!!! That must have been such a great concet!!!!

I am going to lobby for twins for you too!

McCain/Palin...I KNEW I REALLY liked you!!! :-)

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Catherine said...

Amy Grant concert? Too cool!! She was my very first concert way back as a teen in the early 80's. Went to a couple of her concerts as a teen and have many great memories of the fun. I think I wore out the 'Sing Your Praise to the Lord' cut on my album. Glad you had such a great time!

Praying things go well with this next cycle for you and hubby.