Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eleven Months!

I suppose this will be the last time my sweetie and I acknowledge an anniversary on the 11th of the month, but it sure has been fun this year to do so. Yep, just one more month until we celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I can hardly wait to get out of town and have some fun together then.


Jenna said...

Happy 11 months!

Lisa and Tate said...

WOW.... time has really flown by! Happy 11 months!!

OH MY #6 said...

time flies! And, what a beautiful wedding it was. Our 3rd anniversary is November 5th! What is your date?


Shelley said...

Oh 1st year wedded bliss! How sweet - Enjoy!

Happy 11.


Kate said...

Happy 11 months!!! And can I just say...I think I made my poor, long-suffering husband celebrate the anniversary every month for about three years (and saadly, I am now realizing that most of the time now, I have no idea what the date even is!). And then we celebrated the LID every month...and then Family Day every month....and then my husband had an intervention. Mostly just him saying, "Knock it off!"...and me saying, "Oh thank God...because I am TIRED!"....

and we now stumble through life blissfully unaware of any anniversaries that fly our way...and LIFE IS GOOD!!!

But...hey! Live it up while you have the inclination...and the energy! I'm cheering you on from the sidelines (okay....mostly bedside on my laptop....)

Best wishes,

Kate :-)

Kelly and Todd said...

Happy 11 months to the both of you. Enjoy celebrating!!

-- kelly :-)

Shannon said...

11 months and forever to go! Much happiness! =)