Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not This Time

At my ultrasound appointment today I had three large-ish follicles. The doctor was concerned that my estrogen would be too high for us to start a medicated cycle, but he said the lining of my uterus looked good so there was a possibility. The nurse took some blood so that they could check my estrogen level, and I just got off the phone with her. It's elevated enough that we cannot continue this cycle.

I am very disappointed to say the least. I have $800 worth of medications on hand, and I don't know when or if they will be used. They are not returnable. Michael's travel schedule may prevent us from doing an IUI cycle next time, and we may already be committed to IVF by then.





Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Sending hugs,
know that God has a plan for your family and i know that you are disapointed. I wish that I could give you some words of encouragement - but I have no answer for your why - only that I am praying for you and hope that your prayers are answered very soon - waiting is the hardest thing.

Ladybug hugs dear friend,

Kayce said...

Oh Joannah I'm so sorry. I too wish I had the right words, but right now all I can offer is a hug and some more prayers. This will happen, I know it!

Kathy and Joel said...

Why, oh why would they have made you get meds before a baseline ultrasound?? Ugh...I'm so very sorry.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

In the event you don`t use the drugs you may be able to sale them to someone else in need. Some doctors will hook you up with another patient.

(at least they did in my day, but I honestly feel like my infertility was in the olden days lmao)

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry. Sending hugs and prayers.

Tori said...

My lovely friend....

I have been a crappy poster to your blog and I now say I can understand a fraction of what you are going through... sister pays the bills....but shit! Ouch!!!!!!

Thinking of you every day....

Kate said...

I'm just so sorry. I had a similar, very diappointing cycle early in our treatments. It's hard enough to handle the regulr unknowns...let alone the UNKNOWN unknowns.....does that make any sense??