Monday, July 14, 2008

My Handy Man

Yesterday morning Michael got up about an hour before I did to feed the dog and he did not come back to bed. I slept in until 7 am (that's sleeping in around here), and when I got up and came into the kitchen he had already installed our new kitchen faucet. I must have been sleeping like the dead because I never heard anything - and this is a very small house! Our old kitchen faucet was one of these:

I'm sure it was the coolest thing back in the 1950s, but now not so much. Not only was it old, it had a mind of its own. Even though we wouldn't turn on the brush, it would turn itself on when we turned on the water and spray all over the place. It soaked our cleaning lady the other day. That was the last straw. And, we could have replaced it with another DishMaster, but they don't sell them that economically anymore. The least expensive one I could find online was about $160 and it had to be special ordered - Lowe's and Home Depot don't have those in their product lines. So we got something else, but our choices were very limited because we have a wall mount situation. It'll do for now.

But my handy husband didn't stop there.

He worked until 1:30 pm installing our new patio room door. We couldn't really find a "patio door" for our patio room, so we improvised with a storm door instead, and it turned out to be just the right thing. It's much sturdier and secure than the old door was and it looks great, too. Once Michael gets back from his next tour, we'll clean the surfaces in the patio room and paint them. That's our running project right now - get the patio room livable. I've got some great decorating ideas once we get the room cleaned up a bit more. Since last fall it was a storehouse for about a third of Michael's junk. Finally, last week he started cleaning out the patio room and the garage, and throwing many things out or donating them. I am so proud of him because he's a hoarder and it's really hard for him to let go of anything.

Lastly, we saw the RE this morning for an ultrasound. Everything looks good for me. The doctor said he thought Michael's numbers looked really good from his most recent analysis. I'll start the clomid today. We both agreed that it felt good to be taking this step.

Now we're just hoping to see some nice, healthy, mature:


kris said...

Can I borrow him to replace my MB sink? It's been giving me trouble for so long!

I will raise a toast to your follicles!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Oh - I hope so :D I sure would love to read a post that said ... well you know!

Ladybug hugs,

OH MY #6 said...

loving those follicles! I wish you the best with the process this month!


Shelley said...

How's Michael with leaky kitchen garbage disposals?

Wishing my "handy man" were just a wee bit handier. ;-D

Come on follicles

Kayce said...

Just catching up...sorry for the change in plans with Michael...bosses stink! I'm hoping this round it the round and that all follicles are prepared to get the job done! Thinking many good thoughts! Hugs.

Amy said...

IVF? We tried it 3 times 4+ years ago. Best wishes on a ton of good embies to transfer!

Donna said...

All the best! I'll be thinking big fat happy follicle thoughts for you! Keep us posted.

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Stephanie said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you!!! Come on little follicles!!!!