Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soggy Doggy!

Okay, this isn't a picture of my pup, but it could be!
I didn't bring my camera with me yesterday, but I will next time.

I took Buffy to my parents' yesterday and we reintroduced her to the pool. I don't know how long it's been, but she was very unsure of the water at first and we really had to coax her into the pool. Actually, I got in the pool and I took her by the collar and my mom pushed her from behind into the water. The first few times we had her retrieve a tennis ball, but later on she was just interested in getting in the water to swim with my nieces, especially Rebecca. She was very concerned about the girls whenever they swam underwater. At first she would run around the pool watching them and whining, but once she got the hang of swimming, she just swam over to them and checked them out.

For a poor doggy who can't run and play like most dogs because she might blow out her other knee, swimming is a fun and healthy way for her to burn energy. She's been conked out ever since we got home last night. That's the way I used to feel as a kid when I'd spent the afternoon in the pool.

I think we'll spend a lot of time at Grammy's pool this summer.


Alyson & Ford said...

That is just so darn cool. We're just too happy that Buffy got the pool treatment! Nice. Very, very nice...

Shelley said...

Bless her heart! Oh yes, water and Labs doesn't get much better than that.

I used to love swimming with Murphy. That was her favorite activity.

Yay Grammy for letting her enjoy her pool time with the kids. :)


2weeks2much said...

Buffy is lucky to have a pool to swim in. There's nothing cuter than the doggy paddle!

Tori said...


My labs love water but are a little skeptical of the pool. We pushed Sally in once and she was terrified desperately trying to find the way out - yet she would go into a six foot high surf to retrieve a tennis ball!
I am going to email you a picture of the two beasts of mine swimming in a lake in Montana! Now that was fabulous for them.
Think of you often J.