Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not Meant to Be

I was supposed to be spending my Saturday here:

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

But with temperatures for that area of the Southland predicted to be over 100 degrees, we canceled our plans. Waa!

This is the second time I was supposed to do this with my sister and my friend Teresa. The first time was back in October, and it was supposed to be my "Bachelorette Day". But Southern California was engulfed in flames that month and our plans went up in smoke. I'm not trying to be funny. It was just too smoky to spend a day outdoors.

This time, Teresa came all the way from San Francisco and we have to cancel again. I think she's okay with that, and it gives her another day to visit with her mother, but she said that the next time the weather is nice that Julie and I should just go. In other words, she's not going to make another trip down for Glen Ivy. I can appreciate that.

So, I'm thinking that Buffy and I will head down to my parents' for part of the day. They've just redone their backyard and pool, and now it's a tropical oasis. Should be a nice way to spend an unseasonably hot day.


OH MY #6 said...

Oh dear! But, it sounds like you are making the best of it!


PIPO said...

You've got a great attitude despite all the adjustments.

Love the idea of pup swimming :0)