Monday, May 5, 2008

Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour 2008

I had the pleasure of touring several of the gardens on the tour this year with my mom and her girlfriends. We saw so many lovely things! I was inspired, as I knew I would be, and I hope to spend some time in my own garden this summer sprucing things up with new perennials and annuals to complement my roses. Michael is wanting to do some vegetable gardening, and I gleaned some ideas for how we might do that with some small raised beds in our yard.

Of all the beautiful gardens we were treated to, none was any more delightful than my own baby sister's! And wouldn't you know it, I haven't any pictures from hers. Shucks! Once we got going, I took dozens of pictures throughout the day. I guess I'll have to post pictures from her garden another time.



Paula said...

Just gorgeous. I love the foxgloves and the clematis.
I am in a womans garden club up here in Tahoe called Grape & Garden. Its really fun. Once a month in the spring/summer we go to one members house for wine and hordeurves and walk around looking at their garden. Its really fun and their garden gets better looking with each glass of wine!

Kudo said...

We are still so far away from so many of those beautiful flowers love them all thanks for sharing I can't wait for my garden to wake up.

OH MY #6 said...

This is just beautiful!


Andrew & Stephanie said...

Wow! How gorgeous!!!