Thursday, April 3, 2008

Traveling in Style

My sweet husband is in one of these:

Traveling from Berlin to:

The bus is a double-decker, with a living area on the first level and bunks up top. It's even got wireless, so we can Skype! But with it being nine hours ahead there, he's gone off to bed for the time being. He'll call me when he wakes up in the morning, which will be my bedtime. I have to say that today's technology makes it a little easier when he's gone. Even five years ago, I doubt buses were equipped with wireless Internet. I just think that's so cool!

The week has gone by quickly. My kids have been better this week than they were leading up to Spring Break. The weather has been cool and cloudy here, and I do think that helps keep Spring Fever in check. But, I'm still counting down. Fifty (work) days left to go!

I had hoped to start a yoga class this week, but found that I was too tired after work to catch the 7 or 7:30 pm basic sessions. However, there's a class on Sunday afternoon that I'm going to try to make. Hopefully, next week I'll be fully back in the swing of thing and better able to do more after work. It would help if the weather warmed up a bit, too. I'm always more energetic when the sun is shining and it's warm outside.

I'm still working on my scarf a little each night. I should get the camera out and show you what I've accomplished so far, but I'm tired and lazy. So, I'll do that later. The yarn is so pretty. It's sort of pink and mauve and purple - pretty for this time of year. I promise to show you soon!


PIPO said...

I had no idea that buses had wireless. That is a pretty nifty gig.

Looking forward to seeing that scarf!

Kayce said...

Isn't that funny about the kids?!?! The junior high boy in my house seems like he's just all relaxed and content with life, but I know it's about to turn.

Glad you and Michael can still "spend time" together. Don't you just love this tech stuff!!

Mob said...

Thats great that you can talk to DH often. Nor too shabby of a bus. I bet its really nice inside.

Michelle said...

More energetic when it's warm & sunny, eh? Well you'd be bouncing off the walls if you came to visit Phoenix. We've been 80+ for weeks now. I never thought about it, but that probably explains why the spring fever seems to hit students so much earlier here.

I hear you counting down...7 more weeks until I am officially a "former teacher"!

OH MY #6 said...

I love yoga. I love the classes too.


Two Kayaks said...

Cool! I'm counting down the days as well! Summer can't come fast enough.

Michelle said...

...anxiously awaiting photos of your knitting!