Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Even Better!

I was off on my countdown until summer vacation. We are actually eight weeks out from the last day of school.

So, what with Memorial Day being on May 26th, there are just 37 days of school remaining.


I love it when I make mistakes like that!


Michelle said...

I love mistakes like that too, although sometimes they are few and far between. 37 days sounds way better than 44! C'mon summer!

PIPO said...

Good stuff! Usually when I make mistakes and the numbers are less it is in my bank account ;0)

A Special Family said...

ha ha that sounds pretty good to me!!

Kudo said...

I'm out on June 6th but have to go back to make up a few days. Glad to read you are not going to work this summer. I am going to do adventer camp with a few kids. Keep the money flowing.

Tori said...

Hello you, I've been bobbing across the pond then things got crazy with #1 turning 13 with a birthday party with loads of drama.

Finally I am catching up with my favorite blogs. Helsinki for God's sake? What the? Yes that boy needs to be in this country a little more to assist you with that nagging ticking and tocking!

Haste ye back......

Love the countdown to the end of school! Wonderful!