Saturday, October 6, 2007

Five Weeks to Go!

Today I had my first dress fitting. The seamstress agreed with my mom and me that the dress requires no alterations, just a three-point bustle and a good steaming. We'll go back to the bridal salon in two weeks to try out the bustle. Then the dress will be steamed to get rid of the wrinkles, and I'll pick it up the weekend before the wedding.

After the dress fitting, my niece Rebecca and my grandmother joined me for a quick trip to my favorite craft fair. I make a point of visiting this craft fair every year, mostly for the delicious apple pie they serve there. I always enjoy looking at the vendors' wares, but rarely buy anything. Anyway, it's a nice tradition this time of year. The apple pie did not disappoint, and neither did the tri-tip steak combo I had for lunch. Very tasty!

Later in the afternoon, I went to have a manicure and decided I would go ahead and get the silk-wrap treatment for my nails. I was planning on doing this for the wedding, but decided to give it a try today in case I didn't like it. I stressed to the nail technician that I wanted a very natural look, and I think she achieved that. I figure I'll be asked more than once on the wedding day to show someone my ring, and I want to have pretty fingers when I flash my "bling".

Tomorrow, for one day only, Michael comes home! Yippee!!! I have to pick him up at the airport very early in the morning, and then we have to be at a wedding by eleven o'clock. Michael is a groomsman in this wedding, and the groom is a groomsman in our wedding. I think it's going to be a really fun day. Unfortunately, Michael leaves again on Monday morning. If you like to watch that talk show on which a bunch of crazy ladies share their views, you may see my sweetie doing his thing there on Tuesday.

Then he's home Friday afternoon, and we leave Friday evening to go up to Northern California for his family reunion. I didn't think I'd be able to go with him until today, but I'm very happy that it's worked out because I'm really tired of being apart this long.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Jenny said...

Can't wait to see your photos. I am sure you are going to be an amazingly beautiful bride!!! : )

i-Con said...

Not much longer now!

I'm looking very forward to the big event from afar :0)

kris said...

I swear it seems like yesterday you told us you were engaged... I can't believe it's that close! Glad the fitting went well and hope it's all smooth sailing until your special day. Have a great time at the wedding tomorrow!

Catherine said...

Glad your dress fitting went so well. Have a great time with your sweetie at the wedding today. Next one you attend together will be yours!!!

PS - still trying to figure out the clue about Tuesday. Will tape and see if I can figure out who your Michael is. :o) What does he do?

Joannah said...

Catherine, he plays the guitar for a well-known performer who happens to be Canadian. ;-)

Shannon said...

You can do all this AND teach? You ROCK, Joannah! You and your sweetie enjoy your time together, y'hear? =)

Kayce said...

All I can say is, I CAN"T WAIT TO SEE PICTURES FROM THE BIG DAY!!!! Waiting with you!

Terri said...

Oh my gosh---5 weeks is NOTHING! Yay!

I love craft fairs! I'm so glad you're blogging this. I've forgotten most of what happened during my preparation---it's all a blur now. You'll love sharing this with your children one day. You should make a Blurb book out of it!

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, just 5 weeks! That is really exciting!! I hope that your day with your man is special.