Monday, September 17, 2007

Another First!

We received our first wedding gift today! It was sent by a friend of Michael's, and it's a hot water air pot. It provides hot water on demand for serious tea drinkers like my sweetie. I have actually become more of a tea drinker than coffee drinker lately, too, so we'll both really enjoy this.

I probably should have waited to open this until Michael gets home (a month from now...), but I couldn't tell it was a gift. So, he'll have to forgive me. There are a lot of boxes arriving here these days. Most of them contain things I've ordered for the wedding. I'll have to check those boxes more carefully so that I don't spoil all the fun for Michael. But, since I opened this one without him, I'll graciously be the one to write the thank-you note. That's a fair trade-off, right?


Sandra said...

Cool, I have never seen one of those!

amy said...

Cool gift and I think you are right, a very fair trade off!

M3 said...

Definitely a fair tradeoff!! ;-)

Neat gift, I've never even heard of one of those. We installed an instant hot water faucet in our kitchen (under my protests that we'd never need it) and I swear I use the thing every single day for something or other. Fun!