Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Standing in Faith

As I mentioned here yesterday, we were visited by two associate pastors from our church in the afternoon. Pastor Ray has been a frequent presence in our lives in the last two months, and it was he who led Michael to the Lord. I don't know if I mentioned before on the blog how we came to meet him or not, but I know God's hand was in it. I had not met Pastor Ray at church, but he is the son of some friends of Michael's mother. She met him at his wife's baby shower back in October. It was that meeting that opened the door for me to contact him when I felt we were in need of some spiritual guidance. It was one of those small world things.

Yesterday, Pastor Ray brought another pastor with him - Pastor Tom. Pastor Tom told us a bit about his background before prayer with us. As a young man he attended seminary and came very close to becoming an ordained priest in the Catholic church. However, his desire to marry one day prevented him from making the final commitment required for that. He did continue in ministry, primarily by praying for the sick. He then told us numerous stories of those he has prayed for in the name of Jesus and their subsequent healing.

When the time came to pray for Michael, Pastor Tom anointed him with frankincense and myrrh. He prayed a simple prayer and asked for Michael's healing in the name of Jesus. He then told us to wait and be strong in faith. His confidence in Michael's healing was inspiring. Pastor Tom also prayed for me and Michael's mom because he knows how hard it is to see one's son or husband suffering. He prayed for our continued strength and peace of mind.

So, we are standing in faith for Michael's complete healing and eagerly anticipating the day when we are shown the evidence of it. Michael slept well last night and he says he feels good this morning. He is out of bed and enjoying a bowl of yogurt and granola while he sits on the couch in our living room. It's going to be a good day!


Kim said...

Sweet music to my ears! xoxoxoxo

Jenny said...

Joannah, that is wonderful. I am thankful for your faith, for Michael's salvation and faith- and for sweet prayers from Godly men. We will continue to pray for you all. : )

Green, Party of Five said...

What a blessing to hear this this new today. Prayers continue for you!

Two Kayaks said...

Amazing and wonderful news. Finding strength in prayer is what will get the two of you through this time and onto healing.

Jenna said...

Praise God for He is good. I will pray in faith with you guys.

Sunny said...

I am praying for you and your husband. I lost my dad to cancer in 2001. CANCER SUX! ~Sunny (In China)