Saturday, February 27, 2010

Michael's Owee Finger

The last few days have been difficult for Michael. The hospice doctor had visited last Sunday and promised to return at the end of the week to treat Michael's infected finger. As the week wore on, Michael was experiencing more pain from the infection, and we had to start using the Oxycodone once again really early this morning to manage his pain. Even at the lowest dosage, that really dopes him up and so he slept all day long, only waking to eat a little food now and then.

I think the pain from his finger permeated his dreams, because he would frequently call me into his bedroom in the middle of the night during the week to discuss when the doctor was coming. He even asked me in one of those middle-of-the-night conversations to make sure that the good doctor didn't amputate it. Oh, my...

The doctor finally arrived early this evening and quickly treated Michael's finger. His approach was much different than the way the urological surgeon had treated it back in December. At that time, the surgeon had lanced the side of the finger and did not do anything with the fingernail. The hospice doctor said the infection was basically an infected hangnail (which is what Michael has said it feels like for months now), and so he cut off part of the nail and some of the dead skin around it. All we have to do is change the dressing and apply Neosporin once a day for the next three days. After that, the doctor wants it to be exposed to the air. Michael will also take a course of antibiotics. I think he will be needing the Oxycodone through the night tonight, but I hope he'll start taking less of it during the day tomorrow and transition to Tylenol instead.

I told him this evening while I was feeding him dinner that I had been missing him while he slept all day. He opened his groggy eyes and gave me direct eye contact as he said, "I'll be back soon." Too cute.

Thankfully that has been his only pain so far. So, now that that's behind him, I hope that he'll have better days in the week to come.


Donna said...

I sure hope that did the trick!



Jan said...

Praying for better days and happy dreams, Joannah for both you and Michael.
Sending lots of Love and ((Hugs)) your way.
Jan, John & Jillian Rose

Polar Bear said...

I hope Michael is better this morning.

You both are always in my thoughts and prayers.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I hope today is a better day and you will have Michael's company.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad that this Dr. figured out an easier way .. hopefully it will stay away..
Hope all is well this morning..
Thinking of you both all the time..
HUGS and love ...

Denise said...

"Ill be back soon"--i LOVE that! Yes Lord, completely back!!! Denise

Nonnie said...

I hope and pray things are on their way up soon!

Kudo said...

I too hope that does the trick. Because of the time releace oxy is long lasting good for night. He may need something without time releace for during the day so he can be with you and not in pain.

God bless my friend

Leigh said...

Praying and believing in agreement with you Joannah that this procedure on Michael's finger did the trick and that pain will now be behind me. Praying with you for better days in the week to come!

Love and peace to you! God bless you! You truly an amazing person. You inspire me.

Calico Sky said...

I hope it causes no more difficulty for Michael!

Leigh said...

I so know what you are going thru -
I was the primary caretaker for my mom while she was in hospice - people were always stopping by & calling. My mom would try to be sociable & chat, and these visits would drain what little energy she had. In my heart I guess I knew her alert times were limited and I felt those times belonged to me and her family.
You are in my prayers!