Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's Noah When You Need Him?

Holy moly! You would think we're all going to float away with all this rain. It's crazy. I don't mind it when I'm safe at home, but I hate being at school or being on the road when it's stormy.

Yesterday we had a tornado touch down not too far from school in the Huntington Harbor area, and that meant we had to duck and cover for close to a half hour until the tornado watch was lifted. We have never had to do anything like that before. We were in full lockdown mode, too. No one could take their kids out of the school, and I wasn't able to let the kids leave the room for any reason. My students followed directions so well! They were quiet the whole time - they're never quiet during drills. I think they were really scared!

Michael finished his radiation therapy today. He is thrilled about that as the drive up to UCLA on a daily basis was wearing him out. He is also hopeful that he will become more energetic as the days pass. One of the side effects of radiation is fatigue, and he's been struggling with that.

He gained a pound in the last couple of days! Every pound really counts, so we celebrated that last night. One pound at a time...


Kathy and Joel said...

Lock downs are NO fun, but I'm glad your kids were good for you. Great news about the radiation and even better about the weight gain. Thinking about you.

M3 said...

I'm with you, this weather is INSANE! Can't believe you had a tornado in your area. We had a tornado watch today and I couldn't believe that either.

Good wishes and hugs to you and Michael.

AprilMay said...

Celebrate every positive movement...big and small! And I hope the storms stop soon!

Alex and Jill said...

I bet your kiddos were scared!

So happy to hear Michael is gaining weight and that he's finished with radiation. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. I shared the wonderful news about Michael with seriously made my YEAR to hear that he accepted Christ as his Saviour.


Calico Sky said...

So glad Michael gained weight and is done with radiation! I'm fasting once a week for you both!


Kudo said...

That’s crazy your had to duck and cover for that long. I can only imagine what it would have been like for my SE kids.

Glad Michael can cross another therapy off his list. Have a great week and hopefully less exciting for everyone.