Monday, October 12, 2009

More Wishes

I wish:

that my husband would start gaining weight again. Of course, he'd have to eat more, and drink three Ensures a day like the doctor recommended, to do so.

that he'd take a walk or two every day to increase his endurance.

that he didn't watch so much television.

that he'd get up earlier and eat breakfast. Then he can take a nap.

that I didn't have to nag him so much about these sorts of things.

that he was a better patient. He has his moments (days/weeks), but it always reverts to the present situation. What can I say? Cancer stinks!!!

I wish:

that all my friends had received their referrals today.

that we could pursue an adoption, or continue with fertility treatments. What can I say? Cancer stinks!!!

I wish:

that my former principal was still at my school. I appreciate her even more now that she's gone.

that there wasn't so much to do.

that I had more time in the day to do everything I'm expected to do.

parents made better choices regarding their children's education.

I wish:

I didn't have to wish for some of these things at all.

(Michael just started on his second Ensure of the day. Maybe that wish is coming true?)


Kayce said...

I'm wishing many of those things too. Most for you and a few for me. Hugs my friend. Cancer sucks, I second that.

Calico Sky said...

Oh Joannah

Alex and Jill said...

I wish these things for you too, sweet girl. Hang in there...lots of people praying for you guys.


Michelle with a K said...

Wishing you could start crossing some of these wishes off your wish list very soon!

I know what you mean about our former principal. She is truly a wonderful person to work for.


Hope your week gets better.

Michelle said...

I wish for you to have all of your wishes come true.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Have you tried giving Michael real cream whenever possible?

Butter on everything?

Maybe keeping little bowls of almonds or something laying around? Even if he is not "hungry" he might eat one or two at a time and by the end of the day they would add up.

mekate said...

wishing above all else you could be wishing about other easier things.

thinking of you and have been heartsick over your Tata--

hope you are finding 10 seconds here and there to take care of You.


Bernie said...

I have just popped over from Tamara' blog...I am so sorry you have so much to go through and being so young with so much ahead of you makes it even harder. I also believe that miracles happen. I had Breast Cancer and had a year of surgery, radiation and chemo...the worse year of my life but through my faith and support of my family and friends I am now cancer free....this can happen for Michael....this is a very hard time for him, perhaps it may even get worse before it gets better but believe it will get better, encourage his belief and understand when he doesn't feel like doing much more than watching TV.....know that he is doing the best he can, there will be time for walks and other things once he deals with his treatment. You must also take care of yourself my new friend, your plate is very full right now so I will keep you as well as Michael in my prayers.
I was sorry to read about your grandmother passing....a real double dose of heartache for you but again I believe you will become stronger and your heart will be filled with love and compassion.....:-) Hugs

Teacher's Pet said...

I came from Tamara's blog. What a beautiful bride you are...and I did tear up when I read about your grandmother...but smiled as I read that you were able to give her a kiss...not the 'final' one...because you will rejoice and hug and kiss in Heaven.
I am going to add Michael to my prayer journal. (My son's name is Michael..) and I do hope that you know that I will continue to lift him up before our Father...
Continued strength and blessings to you.... Your blog is is your heart. Hugs and smiles to you....
I would like to follow you, but I don't see a place to do that. Perhaps I overlooked it...but I am going to add your blog to "My Favorites".
Much love,

Kathy and Joel said...

So many wishes I have for you. You are in my heart.