Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Since yesterday, we have had more people offer to help Michael during the day. I am so relieved to think that he won't be alone all day, and that friends and family members will stop by and make sure he's eating. Thank you all for volunteering!

I am also thankful that my dear friend, Teresa, is going to come down from Northern California and be part of our support system the first week of HDIL-2. It will do my heart good to have a good friend on hand during that first week. Thanks, T!

For those who have offered to help, but haven't been plugged in yet, don't think we've forgotten your offers. We will be needing you very soon, and I will contact you.


More things to be thankful for:

Having 30.5 days in my sick bank (paid) that I can use to take time off to be with Michael during treatment before I have to start using FMLA (not paid).

A kind and generous friend who treated us to dinner tonight, and sent us home with meals for later.

I feel very blessed tonight.


~K said...

Wish I was closer....

All I can offer is thoughts and prayers...
or a place to stay if ya need a vacation get-away!!! Borgata can get costly ya know ;O)

mekate said...

Thinking of you and sending strength and love your way. I am glad the medical groups have been changed so you do not have to jump through hoops, and so sorry it was not a simple thing to accomplish. And I am so hopeful that as your friends and family circle the wagons with you, you will feel the support and love of everyone and that it will help you and Michael get through this insanely difficult time.

Depression screws with appetite, and chronic illness screws with depression-- it may be that at some point it will be something to talk about with one of the care team-- I don't know

Sending love

AprilMay said...

I am sending prayers and love also! It is the only way I can help, but we both know how powerful prayers are. ;)

Kathy and Joel said...

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you! I'm glad that there are others who are willing to help out. It really takes so little to lighten the load.
Thinking about you!

Donna said...

Wish we lived closer. You're both in my thoughts and prayers.


Calico Sky said...

For some reason I haven't been able to comment for a while, I hope this goes through.

Really hope that you continue to be blessed and supported. So glad to hear about the paid sick days that is really wonderful.

Praying for you both every day!

Sara said...

Marvelous that you have some help now. Remember...ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.

Keep the faith, Joannah. You are doing great. Wish I were there to help.