Sunday, September 27, 2009


This morning, I got down to the hospital by 10 o'clock with lattes and croissants in hand. Michael had not been enjoying the hospital food, and since he's not on a restricted diet, I thought I'd feed him something he really likes for breakfast. He's gained about ten pounds in the last couple of weeks, and I don't want him to lose any of that.

Shortly after I got there, we took a little walk around the floor together, and when we returned to the room the nurse came in and asked us to stay close because the doctor wanted to see us. This was the fourth doctor we'd seen since we went to the ER yesterday, but I liked what he had to say. After running all those tests yesterday, and again this morning, he said Michael's fever is from an unknown source. And he surmised that it may be evidence of the Sutent's effect on the tumors. He thought that since Michael has a doctors appointment tomorrow, and since he's feeling well and the fever is manageable with Tylenol, that he might as well go home. He emphasized that if Michael starts feeling poorly, and if the fever becomes unmanageable, that he expects us to call our doctor and/or return to Hoag.

So, within a half hour of our visit from that doctor, Michael was discharged. He walked out of the hospital - no wheelchair. We made a quick stop at Pascal's Epicurie for some goodies for lunch, and then headed home. He took a shower right away when we got home, and now he's planning on watching hours and hours of football. Oh, joy!

We're eager to hear what Dr. K will say about our "adventure" when we see him tomorrow afternoon.


Polar Bear said...

I'm so glad to read Michael has been discharged. You have both been in my thoughts.

Good food and football sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! :-)

Tamara said...


So glad to hear Michael is home, eating well and watching football! Bask in his presence, and then in our Creator's!

Hugz and prayers to you, my friend.