Friday, September 25, 2009

Here I Am

It's been a week since my last post. I've just been so busy with work that I haven't had the time to think about blogging. Back to School Night is done and over with. That's always a source of some stress for me, but I must say that it went very well. I need to give a big shout out to my sister for coming in on Wednesday and completing the individual reading assessments for each of my students for me. This is an essential piece of the beginning-of-the-year assessment routine, and it's hard to get those done and teach, too. Teachers are expected to multitask to almost an inhuman degree sometimes. So, I really appreciate Julie coming in and taking that off my hands.

I think all those fertility drugs I've taken over the last year have finally left my system. My "no-baby weight" is slipping off effortlessly, and I can wear pants I haven't been able to wear in a year once again. Gotta love that!

Michael has had a fairly good week. He has far less energy than he did last week at this time, but he's till got a good appetite most of the time. In fact, he's eating so well that he's been able to put on about eight pounds in the last couple of weeks. The fatigue is one of the most common side effects of Sutent and we were told about that when he started taking it. His acid reflux and/or lung mets are causing him to cough a lot, though. That really wears on him and makes him feel terrible. He's been coughing for a year now. Can you imagine that? Poor guy.

Next week he will have two appointments at UCLA. On Monday we will see Dr. K. He just wants to see how Michael is doing since he started the Sutent. I think they want to check his blood pressure and do some blood work. Then, on Thursday, he will see his new GP at UCLA. I'm not going to go to that appointment. I suggested he set that appointment up so that he gets a relationship going with that doctor. Then Dr. K can just call that office and get them to put in referrals for treatment as needed. I think things will be much more streamlined than before. We shouldn't have any real delays like before. I also think Michael should talk to the new GP about his acid reflux and the cough. Maybe this doctor will have some new ideas for treating the cough more successfully.

We have decided to spend a few days in Cambria for our anniversary in November. I am trying to decide between a posh inn on Moonstone Beach, or a quaint B&B in town. I wish the B&B was on Moonstone Beach. That would be perfect for us. Anyway, Moonstone Beach is very appealing because I've never stayed there when I've been in Cambria before and it's so beautiful. I think we'll be spending a lot of time in our room playing games, reading, and napping, and so I want a really comfortable room. If we could hear and smell the ocean, that would be lovely, too. I'll make a decision next week and get a reservation. I can hardly wait. I hope there's a chill in the air while we're there. I'm ready for some real fall weather.

Have a wonderful weekend.


~K said...

I'm glad to hear that his appetite is still good... I hope the appt's at UCLA are good. Thinking of this always.

Go for the posh resort on the beach... The B&B's are really nice, but go for the effortless resort.

I hope you get some fall weather soon... It has been here and there here. 80 and humid yesterday, but today was really pleasant, and fall like.

Lilah said...

I would stay on Moonstone, it's so great to hear the waves crashing at night if you can get a room facing the street. Oh, how I miss the Central Coast :-) If you haven't been to Hearst Castle that is a must.

Alex and Jill said...

Happy to hear Michael is gaining weight and that you're losing the fertility drug weight! I'm just praying all of fertility drug weight comes off after A arrives.

Your anniversary weekend sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)


mekate said...

thinking of you and Michael and sending good wishes your way.
I say-- hear the waves-- or do both-- one romantic night in the b&b the rest on the beach. no matter what, it sounds magical.


AprilMay said...

Yay! You updated! I'm glad the craziness of the start of the school year is settling down for you, as well as the craziness of insurance/doc issues! Most of all, I am glad your sweetheart is gaining weight. Your upcoming anniversary sounds so wonderful either way, but nothing beats the sounds of the ocean. :)

Calico Sky said...

So so glad that things are looking up for you both! I think a few days away is very very well deserved! :)

Kayce said...

Cambria sounds like the perfect medicine right now...b&b or posh resort as long as you guys are together and celebrating that's all that matters. Hope things are better after your weekend.