Thursday, July 16, 2009

Greetings from Kailua

We are having a most relaxing time here. Michael is very tired, and I think the heat of the day makes him even more sluggish. So, we spend a lot of time just laying around here. I rouse him every now and then so that I can get him to eat.

The house is beautiful, but the drawback it that it is on a busy street. We can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. We went down to the beach two days ago and bobbed in the waves for a little while. Michael said it was invigorating for him.

Today I will let him rest, and I think I will walk into town and shop. The family is going off to the botanical gardens. Later this evening, we will go into town for the farmers market, and then we'll head into Waikiki to see the Society of Seven show at the Outrigger Hotel.

Anyway, this is a far less active trip than last year's trip, but that's what Michael needs right now. We've learned that his surgery will be at 3 o'clock next Tuesday. He'll start a liquid diet on Sunday in preparation for that. Between now and then, I'm just trying to fatten him up, but we don't have a scale here. So, I don't know if he's gaining weight or not. I posted to an email group I belong to of kidney cancer patients and their caretakers about his surgery, and I asked what we can expect. We received several responses, and everyone said they recovered very quickly from the surgery and were back to their normal lives in just a few weeks. We are encouraged by that, and hopeful that Michael will have the same positive experience.

Aloha, for now!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

xo to you dear friend.


Tamara said...

Savor the moments, and rejoice always.

mekate said...

time in the water sounds so healing.
Glad the news on recovery is positive- that is helpful, and I hope that you are taking care of you too.

sending love to you,

Paula said...

What a nice trip for the two of you. I'll be praying that the surgery goes well :)

Kayce said...

Happy Aloha Friday! Enjoy the rest of your time in the islands!

Shannon said...

Enjoy your lovely surroundings together! Good to hear such positive news regarding the surgery recovery and rescheduling. The internet is so helpful for finding new contacts with important info as well as discovering good friends! =)