Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We feel like our efforts yesterday were fruitful.

We made phone calls to UCLA, our oncologist's office, and our medical group. UCLA faxed us a copy of the treatment plan which includes laparoscopic removal of the left kidney and the tumor, and possible medial treatment with HDIL-2. Neither of those treatments are available through our medical group. So, we may actually have a chance of this being approved.

The oncologist's office manager (who we think is simply wonderful) confirmed that she received the plan, and then she took it right in to the doctor. He took a quick look at it and told her to send it on to the medial director of our medical group. Now we are waiting for them to approve or deny UCLA's proposal for Michael's care. We should have an answer today or tomorrow.

Today we will follow up with the oncologist's office to see if they have received any news from the medical group. It would be great to have an answer today!

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