Wednesday, June 17, 2009


First the good news:

After spending a couple hours on the phone this afternoon, Michael was able to find out that his referral to UCLA had been approved by our medical group! His appointment with UCLA will be this coming Monday morning. We are getting copies of all the pertinent medical records tomorrow to take with us. We feel really good about this.

Now for the somewhat good news:

After a sweet colleague (thank you, B!) put in a call to our superintendent's office this morning on my behalf, my situation with the insurance company was put in the hands of our wonderful deputy superintendent who oversees the human resources department. She gave me a call shortly before school got out. I gave her the rundown on our troubles. She was very compassionate and said she would investigate the matter for me. She said she would be looking for something that would allow for an exception and thereby get us into the new medical group ASAP. I really like this lady - she hired me and was my principal way back when - and I know she will do everything in her power to help us. If she can't make it happen, it isn't going to happen.

So, it's been a rough 24 hours while all this got sorted out, but I am encouraged with the progress that was made today.

And now for the very best news of all:

Schools out!!! I have eleven weeks off to devote to my husband's health and well-being, and hopefully we'll get to have some fun, too.


Michelle said...

Such wonderful news! All of it! That is great. SO happy for you.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

you are so, so, so, so, so, deserving of some fun! Get on it!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad things are starting to fall into place..
And you sooo deserve to have LOADS of FUN...

Alex and Jill said...

God is good!! Enjoy your break, girl. :)


Kathy and Joel said...

So great to know that you have good people in your corner. Congrats on being off for the summer!!! I have 7 days to go!

Sara said...

Great's out, referral's in order, and now you and Michael can get down to the business of healing. Before you jump in to that, though, take a little while to sit in your garden today with the sun shining on your face...that's an order!

Kathryn said...

On the deputy superintendent - it is good to build relationships all thru our lives. We never know how God may use them in the future.

Hope being out of school with provide some stress relief & relaxation for both of you. :)

mekate said...

Ahh, now that's better-- progress indeed! So, congratulations-- so very glad the appointment is soon and that school is out--

I want the very best for both of you, and I agree with Sarah-- so glad that perhaps now with these roadblocks out of the way you can get down to the business of healing.

Thinking of you, sending love,


Kudo said...

Happy summer vaca. You deserve some time off girl. So glad the district is going to go to bat for you. I hate insurance companys they do what they want on there own time and will try to get you to pay more then you should so watch every EOB that comes through to make sure they payed it at the right % I am still fighting them on A's surgery last Oct.

Andrea said...

God bless you and give you strength, joy, and peace. I will say a prayer for your husband and for you.

Your Friend in Christ,


Calico Sky said...

Joannah I am just sitting here stunned at what has happened to you since I've been away. I want you to know how much I'll pray for you and Michael, for doors and treatments to be opened, for your love to shine through and for you to have all the strength needed. You are two people meant to be together for a very long time and this is another piece of a journey you are on together.
"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" Soloman 6:3


Ava Baby said...

Great, it sounds like things are moving forward and for the better. Hope you guys find some time for some fun!