Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Day...

another doctor's appointment. However, this time it was for Michael, not me. He has been coughing for the last seven months. And do you know it took me more than three months of nagging to get him to go see our general practitioner about it? Why do men avoid the doctor like that?

Anyway, our GP was treating it as allergies, but those meds really didn't have much effect on his symptoms. Today, after a lengthy interview and physical exam, the new doctor (a pulmonologist) determined it's most likely asthma. Asthma! Poor guy!

He's got all kinds of things to do as part of his treatment, but we've already noticed an improvement from the Advair he starting taking during the appointment. There's been much less coughing this evening than usual. Thank goodness! You can imagine how tired he is from the coughing - and how sick of hearing it am I!


OH MY #6 said...

I am glad something is working. the poor man.


Anonymous said...

Why oh why are men like that?? Ted only has his antibiotics because our pediatrician heard him coughing while he was examining the kids!
Hopefully the coughing ceases!
(And thanks for your encouraging words about Dad.)

Sara said... dad has been coughing for a long time now and they can't seem to figure it out. Clear chest x-ray, etc. I didn't know adult could develop asthma...I should have him look into that as a possibility!

Tracee said...

Just be careful with the Advair disk at home...does he have that? I have asthma and when it gets bad and my Albuteral won't work, I have to turn to the Advair. After about a week, the steriods in Advair really do a number on my personality and I get really angry and inpatient with people.

Kayce said...

My Michael had a cough for a LONG time too, used to drive me NUTS!!! We found out it was acid refulx. Since he has treated it, the cough is gone.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend together.

PIPO said...

Wishing you both a cough-free home...soon. I can relate. I was diagnosed with asthma a bit over a year ago. It was simply no fun before I was being treated.

"Why do men do that?" It is genetically encoded on the 'Y' chromosome.

Anonymous said...