Thursday, October 23, 2008

Follistim Rocks!

So, things progressed a lot faster for me on Follistim than they did on Clomid! During this morning's ultrasound, my doctor said that I'm just about ready to go, and it's only day eight of my cycle. There are four follicles of good size in my ovaries now - one in the right, and three in the left. I had to remind the doctor that Michael is out of town until Saturday night, though. So, that slowed things down a bit. The plan for now is:
  • Another ultrasound tomorrow morning (at 6:30 am!).
  • Another ultrasound Saturday morning, and a shot of HCG to make me ovulate. I will probably get to go in after 8 am, though. Hallelujah!
  • Another ultrasound and the first IUI Sunday morning. Come on swimmers!
  • Probably another ultrasound (they are a little ultrasound happy over there), and the second IUI Monday morning. Here come the reinforcements!
  • Then I'll start the progesterone again. If I am pregnant, I'll have to stay on the progesterone for the first trimester of my pregnancy. Fun times...
Today has been a much better day in terms of energy for me. I haven't felt anywhere near as tired as I did the last couple of days.

Oh! I gave myself my first shot last night! We had to do two shots because we were consolidating the remains of two vials of Follistim. Michael did the first one, and then he encouraged me to do the second one. It took me a few minutes to work up the courage, and then presto, bingo! It was done, and I was no worse the wear for it. Tonight and tomorrow night I'll just have to give myself one shot - no problem! I think tomorrow night's shot will be the last one since they'll be giving me the HCG shot on Saturday.

This has all happened so rapidly this time. I didn't expect we'd get to the IUIs until mid-week next week. I think it's quite possible that we will know by our first anniversary if I'm pregnant. What a great anniversary gift that would be!


Michelle said...

That WOULD be a pretty awesome first anniversary present. You'll bein my prayers!

OH MY #6 said...

how exciting!


Kate said...

Keeping my fingers crossed in PA!!!

Alex and Jill said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm praying you get just that for your anniversary. :)

Good job on giving yourself the shot!


OziMum said...

Geez thats alotta ultrasounds!!!

Got my legs crossed for ya!

Go swimmers go!

kris said...

oh my gosh this is SO super exciting- god the joy in your post- i don't know, i'm getting goosebumps... sensing good good good to come. i always say it's in what you project out that brings what you want back to you... i will pray for this, for both of you... !! god, so excited. crossing myself, fingers toes too!

Kayce said...

All I hear are smiles!! You are in my prayers.

Jenna said...

That would be the most awesome first anniversary present. I will be praying that this cycle will be the one that brings your miracle.