Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We kicked off our Labor Day Weekend with a night out at the Orange International Street Fair on Friday. As a fourth-generation Orange Countian, I must admit that I am a little bit ashamed that I had never attended this annual event before. Several blocks around the Orange Traffic Circle were blocked off for vendors of multi-ethnic foods and entertainment. We sampled Greek, German, Italian, and Mexican foods. We had the most amazing Greek desserts! One of them was a custard cake that Michael remembers his stepfather's mother making for them when he was a kid. YUM! I love anything with custard in it.

Don't even ask me how many WW points that little night out cost me. I have decided that I'm taking a break from counting points until later on this week. Too much good food in the mix this weekend.

On Saturday, I made a trip to the teacher supply store and an office supply store to stock up on a few essential items. I will admit that I've spent more this year than I usually do at the start of the school year, and I'm hoping that's just because I'm changing grade levels. I will get reimbursed for most of this stuff, but I think I've spent beyond what I will be reimbursed for. Ugh!

Speaking of spending, I shopped for new school clothes at Ann Taylor Loft one day last week. Spent a small fortune, but not only love what I purchased, was given quite a few of their $25 Savings Cards that will allow me to do some more shopping at basically 50% off. I hope they'll have more sweaters when I go back to use those cards because I need to update my sweater collection. A new jacket or two would be nice, too.

Yesterday, I spent several hours in my classroom putting all that stuff I bought on Saturday in its place. I don't like that I worked on a Sunday, but the work I was able to finish yesterday will allow me on Tuesday to focus more on planning activities for my new students. Gotta keep them busy this week!

We did our grocery shopping at Fresh & Easy today. I was really impressed. The first time we ventured into a F&E, we're were so not impressed. But, Michael had been in the new one in our neighborhood and he said I would like it. I really did! We were able to buy everything on our shopping list for very reasonable prices, and I was really excited about their prepared foods for lunches and dinners. As I've mentioned before, when Michael travels, I oftentimes resort to takeout or cereal for dinner. But, I think that from now on, I'll be stopping by F&E for school lunches, and dinners when I'm on my own. Do you have a Fresh & Easy in your neighborhood yet? I know they're a UK company, but they've been expanding here in Southern California like crazy.

We're off for a Labor Day BBQ in just a little while. One last hurrah before life returns to a daily routine and increased responsibilities.

Happy Labor Day!


Paula said...

The street fair sounds like fun. I love tasting different foods like that. I'm with you, who can count points on a 3-day weekend!
We don't have a F & E store. In fact I've never heard of it. We are a bit sheltered up here in Tahoe :(

OH MY #6 said...

U sure know how to have a good time.

I hope this fall goes well for you.


Alex and Jill said...

Street fair sounds like a lot of fun!

I'm a big Ann Taylor Loft fan...I too am saving my $25 savings cards. :) They made a fortune off me this summer.

We don't have F&E here...we love Fresh Market it something like that?

Kayce said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Hope school is going well too.

Shannon said...

You are always up to something fun! I want a F&E in my neighborhood and I want it NOW! =)
Have a wonderful opening day. Ours was today and I am exhausted!

Tori said...

We do have a F&E locally and because I love the Brit equivalent in the UK called Tesco, we are big F&E fans. Having said that, Dave is the only one that has actually been in!!! I just get to see what he brings home! I am going to go though because Kristin told me it was great! And apparently my dad has some shares in it!!!!!