Thursday, August 14, 2008

At the Beach with Buffy

We took Buffy for a walk near the beach yesterday. As we were walking, we realized that they have set up a "dog zone". We were a little hesitant to let her play on the beach because her surgeon had recommended we avoid the beach, but we removed her leash after a while and let her do her thing. She had a blast! She kept trying to catch the waves with her mouth, and at one point she squatted and peed in the ocean. Too funny! We found some small pieces of driftwood and had her retrieve them from the water. She didn't really get that she was supposed to bring the wood back to us, though. She knows to do that with balls and other toys, but she must have perceived the wood differently.

She was dirty and stinky to begin with, so a bath was already part of our plan. Fortunately, there's a dog wash right there by the beach, so we just walked over and gave her a good washing before we put her back in the car to go home. Once we got home, she ate her dinner and crashed on her pillow. Gee, I wonder why she was so tired? ;-)


Michelle said... cute! Now you've really made me miss CA :-(

Paula said...

Labs LOVE the water. I bet she did have a ball. How neat that they have a doggie wash. Thats great to get rid of all that sand before you get in the car.
Yea on your decision to do the IVF !!!

Kayce said...

Fun! I love taking the girls to the beach, but I never seem to have time anymore, argh! While at the lake Ella would swim the entire time there, Summit though was fine with getting her toes wet.

Tori said...

Our labs love the dog beach. Love the pictures.
Haven't stopped by here for a while. Have been preoccupied a little with myself.
I can only imagine your blues and disappointment. I loved the You Tube thing....cried a little. Gosh - what a journey it is...
I think of you every day...
Glad M is home.

Bella's momma said...

Wonderful pictures. I have a golden retriever~ they are such wonderful pets!

OH MY #6 said...

I love it! Dog wash! Perfect. WE need one of those!

Have a good weekend.


poppyandpeony said...

I'd really love to meet up next summer when I am in California, see today's post and be on the look out for me Joannah! I'm counting on you :0)
I'm hoping for 5 weeks in CA!