Friday, July 25, 2008

...and then there were three million.

I guess Michael's swimmers don't like to be frozen! There were just three million viable sperm post-wash today, but the doctor was not concerned about it. He likened today's sperm to "reinforcements" and said yesterday's thirteen million were still on the job - so to speak. They did another ultrasound to be sure that the other egg had ovulated, and it has. So I've got two eggs and 16 million sperm doing their thing. I sure hope that's going to do it!

Michael has just arrived in Sardinia, Italy (below). His boss is getting married there this weekend. Michael will be at the wedding, but not as a guest. He's part of a trio of musicians who will play at the wedding and reception. Still, spending the weekend in Sardinia isn't bad, you know? I wish I could have joined him.

As for me, I plan on taking it easy around here this weekend. Shouldn't be hard to do.

Have a good one!


Michelle said...

Go swimmers, go!

Sara said...

Hi Joannah,
I've been following your blog for a little while now (found you through Shana's blog)...just wanted to let you know I am routing hard for you...and the swimmers!

OH MY #6 said...

oh my gosh. I feel so excited. I am sending you good vibes and lots of good wishes!


Tori said...

Swim Forest Swim!

Everything crossed for you my love.

In our prayers...


Shannon said...

Relax, treat yourself right and let those little swimmers do their thing! =)

Kayce said...

So many prayers right now! GO GO GO!! Enjoy your relaxing weekend.

A Special Family said...

Wow, just reading all your updates re fertility! Really really hoping it all works out for you both.

Italy is very hot this time of year, humid heat, let that console you since you can't be there :0)

Will email soon!

kris said...

It's Olympic season, one of those swimmers will take the gold!

D said...

One of the swimmers better do the trick to pay you back for not getting to go to Italy.

Catherine said...

Praying for you! GO swimmers!!

OziMum said...

Oh, to get married in Italy! Gorgeous!

I never knew so much about "swimmers" til I started reading all about your procedures!!! Can't say I'd like to be frozen either!!! Fingers crossed! (or should I say, legs crossed?!!)